Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review | Hoover Freedom

Hoover Freedom Pets FD22RP Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

We’ve been having a little bit of vacuum bother in the Hooper House this year. I’ll not name brands, but our bagless vacuum cleaner stopped being a super sucker. It could have been that we had been doing a lot of decorating this year… or that we vacuumed the fake grass outside twice… or maybe that crafting kits the kids scatter around. Let’s just say that maybe we wore it out.

Catherine had been dreaming about a cordless vacuum for the past year. We were given the opportunity to receive the Hoover Freedom Cordless Vacuum Cleaner to review by

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review | Hoover Freedom

The Hoover Freedom Cordless Vacuum Cleaner comes with a lot of accessories for various cleaning activities. A long rigid hose, Two motorised heads (large and small), two crevice tools (brushed and plain nozzle) and a bristled attachment that converts into a smoother velour-ed head. Included in the box is a wall mountable holster. I won’t call it a docking station as the charging wire is separate.

cordless vacuum cleaner review

The Cordless Freedom Hoover comes out of the box with a small amount of charge, but to make sure it was enough to tackle our stairs, we charged it up for 6 hours. Yes, stairs are our issue, living in a townhouse we have two flights and a traditional upright vacuum makes cleaning the carpet on these a little awkward. My past experiences with the extending hose are struggling to stretch it up the stairs. Or praying the cylinder doesn’t topple down the stairs as I stretch the hose. The thoughts of a cordless conjured up an image or easy stair cleaning.

Hoover Freedom Pets FD22RP Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Starting at the bottom step we quickly hoovered up all variety of crumbs. The handheld cordless freedom made manoeuvrability a breeze. It was easy to brush over the flat and vertical surfaces. We used the smaller motorised brush adapter to clean the stair carpets. Switching over to the brushed crevice tool to get right down the skirting board edges and the tops of the skirting too.

Upright vs Cordless Hand Held Vacuum

In theory, both devices are for cleaning up dust from the flooring, but there is a big difference, weight distribution. A standard upright has most of its weight centred around the base. This is where the motor and brushes are. Which means the handle is simply for pushing the weight around.

A handheld is an opposite. All the weight is in the handle end of the vacuum. This is where the battery and motor are stored. It took a little getting used to, particularly as the brush end of the hose is lightweight. It sort of felt like you were having to apply pressure to connect it to the carpet. Catherine noticed that her hand ached a little from cleaning the full stairs with it.

Video of the Hoover Handheld cordless in action

Overall Verdict of the Cordless Vacuum

The Freedom Cordless Hoover is everything we expected it to be. Although we’d not expected the difference in weight distribution. The suction was powerful enough to lift croissant crumbs and fine dust particles from our thick carpets. Although I initially thought it would replace our corded vacuum, I think it is more placed as an additional option. A quick whip around the kitchen to clear crumbs, or spot tidy up possibly suits this type of device better than a whole house clean. It comes into its own when you start tackling the stairs or even a car. Stretching a cable into the street to clean out the car will be a thing of the past now.

The Hoover Freedom is available from at
It is currently priced at £129, which puts its price at the lower end of the market.


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