Great North Snowdogs Trail – Completed

The Great North Snowdogs

As you’re probably aware from past posts Me and Imogen love a good trail / challenge. With St Oswald’s Hospice releasing the Great North Snowdogs, we aimed to complete the spotting guide. With 61 Snowdogs hidden around the North East, it isn’t going to be a simple afternoon stroll.

Great North Snowdogs Trail App Trophies

With our app in hand we set out with a plan to complete as many as we could and collect as many trophies as we could too. With the official app you can track which Snowdogs you have located, by entering a four digit code at that is written on the plinth of that installation. This unlocks the coloured version in the app, but also releases a reward.

For example after Finding Snowdog #31 “Fear of Emptiness”, a trophy was released that offers 25% off at Hawthorns Brasserie and The Gin Bar at the Crowne Plaza.

But we Also spotted a couple of extra achievement based trophies. “3 in an hour”, “5 a day” and “The Early Bird” to name a few. Most of them are self explanatory, but with out knowing what time The Early bird needed to be triggered, we set off on a 7:00am Snowdog hunt and activated this one by 7:20am. I can’t confirm this, but I would assume it is prior to 9:00am

Great North Snowdogs Trail

On our first day of Snowdog hunting we managed to find 23! It was a fun day, but hard to fit everything in. Our plan of attack was to try and complete areas on the map. So for Example, North Tyneside was a quick completion.

North Tyneside

GN Snowdog #1 – ‘Dogfish’ at Blue Reef Aquarium
Artist: Pam Royal

Great North Snowdogs - Dogfish

Notes: We visited here very early one morning and the sun was directly into Imogen’s eyes.


GN Snowdog #2 – ‘Snow Angel of the North’ at Tynemouth Park
Artist: Mik Richardson

Great North Snowdogs - Snow Angel of the North

Notes: We wondered why this wasn’t at the Angel of the North. Very detailed painted scenery and a great Snowdog to find.


GN Snowdog #3 – ‘Guide Dog’ at The Fish Quay
Artist: Mike Clay

Guide Dog

Notes: This Snowdogs detailing was amazing. All the streets from both North and South Shields are visible. We couldn’t help finding Nana Elizabeths House.


GN Snowdog #4 – ‘Skipper’ at The Fish Quay
Artist: Joanne Wishart


Notes: There was some strange tether around his neck leading off to a barrier 4 metres away. Probably not official! Again the Sun hit us on this hunt.


GN Snowdog #5 – ‘Rover Codex’ at Northumberland Park
Artist: Ellie Tarratt

Rover Codex

Notes: We didn’t even know Northumberland Park existed prior to the Snowdogs! There was a queue at this dog to photograph it and we needed to snap it quickly. Spot the persons foot on the right!


GN Snowdog #6 – ‘Chilly Dog’ at Royal Quays
Artist: Sally Adams

Great North Snowdogs - Chilly Dog

Notes: After our initial visit to Royal Quays we didn’t realise there were two dogs here and only found Rosy Posy. So a second trip out early in the morning Bagged this textured beauty.


GN Snowdog #7 – ‘Rosy Posy’ at Royal Quays
Artist: Sarah Jane Richards

Rosy Posy

Notes: A very easy find, but not the easiest to line up with a good background.


GN Snowdog #8 – ‘Shaggy Dog Stories’ at Richardson Dees Park
Artist: Chris Riddell

Shaggy Dog Stories

Notes: Again who knew about Richardson Dees Park? We didn’t! The park has lots to entertain the kids with and there is even a outdoor gym there. Very detailed dog work.


GN Snowdog #9 – ‘Patchwork’ at Richardson Dees Park
Artist: Jill Barklem


Notes: Patchwork was quite hard to photograph as it was so bright the colours seemed washed out. So we needed to merge two photos to make it visible. Lovely painting.


GN Snowdog #10 – ‘Pink is the New Black’ at Quorum Business Park
Artist: Lee Stafford

Pink is the New Black

Notes: Quorum Business Park‘s  sign guy must have been behind schedule, as the sign was replaced 3 days after this photograph. The bright pink dog is very eye-catching.


GN Snowdog #11 – ‘Woof 3000’ at Quorum Business Park
Artist: Sophie Green

Woof 3000

Notes: This was the first time in Quorum Business Park and this futuristic office block with a cool fountain outside reminded us of America. A clean, bold eye-catching doggy design.



GN Snowdog #12 – ‘Addam Upright’ at Gosforth Central Park
Artist: Tim Miness

12 Addam Upright

Notes: Lots of hidden details on this Dog. Abigail Spotted the message on the calculator in his pocket.


GN Snowdog #13 – ‘Es Tu Costa’ at Hazelwood Avenue
Artist: Tristan Lathey

Es Tu Costa

Notes: St Oswald’s Hospice has a handful of specialist shops. This dog is outside one of them.


GN Snowdog #14 – ‘Wild North East’ at Pets Corner
Artist: Jina Gelder

Wild North East

Notes: Pet’s Corner doesn’t usually allow dogs into the animal area!


GN Snowdog #15 – ‘Decisions Decisions Decisions’ at Pets Corner
Artist: Julia Roxburgh

decisions decisions decisions

Notes: A bright dog in the shadows on a very sunny day. Photography nightmare for me!


GN Snowdog #16 – ‘The Snow Dog’ at Seven Stories
Artist: Penguin

The Snowdog

Notes: The original Snowdog in original painted design.


GN Snowdog #17 – ‘Gingerbread Dog’ at The Biscuit Factory
Artist: Sarah-Jane Szikora

Great North Snowdogs - Gingerbread Dog

Notes: This took two visits to photograph the Gingerbread Dog. On this occasion we were told that the access to the dog would be locked off in 5 minutes and they nearly stopped us going upstairs. The venue was hired out for a wedding.


GN Snowdog #18 – ‘Tales of the North East’ at Newcastle Civic Centre
Artist: David Maguire

Tales of the North East

Notes: Imogen refused to stand in the photo so I used the rusty old bloke taking a shower instead! Lots of cute Newcastle references.


GN Snowdog #19 – ‘Psycedelic Snowdog’ at Northumberland Street
Artist: Rebecca Reed

psychedelic snowdog

Notes: Sponsored by Virgin Money, but the Newcastle building society blended itself better for a photo.


GN Snowdog #20 – ‘Hound’s Tooth’ at Northumberland Street
Artist: Damien Jeffery

Hound's Tooth

Notes: Notice the lack of people in Northumberland street. Imogen and Alan took to the streets at 7am!


GN Snowdog #21 – ‘Roodle’ at intu Eldon Square
Artist: Isy Langhorne

21 Roodle

Notes: So So fluffy. Abigail, wanted to take Roodle home.


GN Snowdog #22 – ‘Hound Dog’ at intu Eldon Square
Artist: Lee O’Brien

22 Hound Dog

Notes: Elvis! That’s all I can say!


GN Snowdog #23 – Newcastle, United, Inspired’ at St. James’ Park
Artist: Temper

Newcastle, United, Inspired

Notes: After hearing that some Snowdogs had been damaged we raced to get this one as I thought it would potentially get targeted.


GN Snowdog #24 – ‘Rosa Canina’ at Blackett Street
Artist: Sue Guthrie

Rosa Canina

Notes: On our 7am visit into town, not only did we freeze a little bit! We also got to watch transformers being filmed opposite Rosa Canina


GN Snowdog #25 – ‘Essence of the North’ at Grey’s Monument
Artist: Geoff Chappell

Essence of the North

Notes: This was originally inaccessible on our morning trip due to filming of Transformers.


GN Snowdog #26 – ‘Arthur’ at Theatre Royal
Artist: Jeff Rowland

26 Arthur

Notes: This was originally inaccessible on our morning trip due to filming of Transformers.


GN Snowdog #27 – ‘The Dog Father’ at Old Eldon Square
Artist: Jenny Leonard

The Dog Father

Notes: His eyes look so sad!

GN Snowdog #28 – ‘Wor Geordie’ at The Cathedral Church of St Nicholas
Artist: Newcastle College

Wor Geordie

Notes: Again part of our early morning round up.


GN Snowdog #29 – ‘Rocket Dog’ at Central Station
Artist: Amanda Rabey

Great North Snowdogs - Rocket Dog

Notes: Rocket Dog had been into Doggy hospital on our first attempt, so as soon as he’d made a recovery we headed to town.


GN Snowdog #30 – ‘Snowline’ at Central Station
Artist: Jim Edwards

Great North Snowdogs - Snowline

Notes: Snowline was quite well hidden at Central Station. We nearly missed it on our hunt around the platform.


GN Snowdog #31 – ‘Fear of Emptiness’ at Stephenson Quarter
Artist: Louise Bradley

Fear of Emptiness

Notes: A chance to get a quick peak at the Crowne Plaza.


GN Snowdog #32 – ‘Hadrian’s Hound – Amicus Optimus’ at Broad Chare
Artist: Catherine J Bell

Hadrian's Hound

Notes: Newcastle has some cool pedestrian areas when you look around.


GN Snowdog #33 – ‘Tyne Tail Jack’ at Quayside
Artist: Corrine Lewis-Ward

Tyne Tail Jack

Notes: We hit lucky for a lack of people in this photo. Usually the Malmaison and the Pitcher and Piano are people magnets.


GN Snowdog #34 – ‘Snowberry’ at Quayside
Artist: Simon Tozer


Notes: Snowberry is one of my all time favourite snowdogs. The detail on the highlights of the dog made me think it was actually dimpled.



GN Snowdog #35 – ‘Ziggy’ at Sage Gateshead
Artist: Marcus Brown

Great North Snowdogs - Ziggy

Notes: According to our App it was supposed to be nearer to the Millennium bridge, but we go this cool Sage background instead.


GN Snowdog #36 – ‘Disco Dog’ at Sage Gateshead
Artist: Natalie Guy

Great North Snowdogs - Disco Dog

Notes: Another very popular Dog to be photographed, so we needed to wait our turn.


GN Snowdog #37 – ‘Squares’ at Trinity Square
Artist: Deven Bhurke

Great North Snowdogs - Squares

Notes: For me the photograph is as much about the surroundings as the subject. Sadly I needed to photograph the dogs bottom to avoid the pasty eating crowd.


GN Snowdog #38 – ‘MOJO’ at Gateshead Metro Station
Artist: Sumit Sarkar

Great North Snowdogs - MOJO

Notes: I’ll be Back! We had to ask to find this one, as it was tucked away on a lower level of the station.


GN Snowdog #39 – ‘Graffiti Dog’ at Gateshead Central Library
Artist: Frank Styles

Great North Snowdogs - Graffiti Dog

Notes: Bright and colourful.


GN Snowdog #40- ‘Snowdog Springtime’ at Saltwell Park Towers
Artist: Joanna Lumley OBE

Great North Snowdogs - Snowdog Springtime

Notes: One of my favourite photographs of the snowdogs. The Saltwell Towers in the background make it feel almost fairytale like.


GN Snowdog #41 – ‘Mutt Me on the Corner’ at Saltwell Park Lake
Artist: Lindisfarne

Great North Snowdogs - Mutt me on the Corner

Notes: Out of the two photographs of this dog, I chose Abigail’s pose. We’d enforced a no climbing rule at all Snowdog visits and this was her interpretation of it.

GN Snowdog #42 – ‘Dog on the Tyne’ at Angel of the North
Artist: Jane Headford

Great North Snowdogs - Dog on the Tyne

Notes: Lots of great North East references on this painting.


GN Snowdog #43 – ‘Spocky Dog’ at Washington Galleries
Artist: Hilary Sanderson

Great North Snowdogs - Spocky Dog

Notes: Who would have thought Star Trek was still popular!


GN Snowdog #44 – ‘The Snowbrador’ at Washington Galleries
Artist: Ruby Cooper

Great North Snowdogs - Snowbrador

Notes: My all time worst Snowdog photograph. No idea what happened, but the Black velvet dog, next to Imogen’s Black Gymnastics top made it impossible to resurrect this with some photoshop surgery!


GN Snowdog #45 – ‘Luna’ at Sunderland Minster
Artist: Geoff Chappell

Great North Snowdogs - Luna

Notes: Our second time to this public area as there is a Geocache nearby. Lovely colours on this Snowdog.


GN Snowdog #46 – ‘Tails of the Sea’ at Keel Square
Artist: Joanne Wishart

Great North Snowdogs - Tails of the Sean

Notes: The propellor sculpture is interactive and pays tribute to the shipbuilding work on the Wear. Tails of the Sea married in nicely.


GN Snowdog #47 – ‘Snowdog Down the Rabbit Hole’ at Park Lane
Artist: Heather Panton

Great North Snowdogs - Down the Rabbit Hole

Notes: Bold and striking images on this City centre install.


GN Snowdog #48 – ‘Winter Lily’ at Blandford Street
Artist: Sarah Jane Richards

Great North Snowdogs - Winter Lily

Notes: Abigail is pointing a wriggly snake at the camera, which we had just gained from the Snakes Alive Exhibit.


GN Snowdog #49 – ‘Day of the Dog’ at The Bridges Shopping Centre
Artist: Sophie Green

Great North Snowdogs - Day of the Dog

Notes: My only gripe with the Snowdogs in the shopping centres is the signs on posts or roped off access to them.


GN Snowdog #50 – ‘Aero-Dog’ at The Bridges Shopping Centre
Artist: Deven Bhurke

Great North Snowdogs - Aero-Dog

Notes: Aero-Dog had been relocated and repaired. When it was originally installed outside, it looked like people had broken it’s wings.


GN Snowdog #51 – ‘Hiding Lions’ at Sunderland Winter Gardens
Artist: Helen Stephens

Great North Snowdogs - Hiding Lions

Notes: Can you spot any Hidden Lions?


GN Snowdog #52 – ‘Great North Polar Pooch’ at Sunniside Gardens
Artist: Sandra Jaekel

Great North Snowdogs - Great North Polar Pooch

Notes: The penguins on this Snowdog were very cute. There is a baby one on the other side.


GN Snowdog #53 – ‘Wonderhound’ at Stadium of Light
Artist: Illona Clarke

Great North Snowdogs - Wonderhound

Notes: At the Stadium of Light, this Alice in Wonderland-esque painting is beautifully created. Even the Dog’s nose is a hot air balloon.


GN Snowdog #54 – ‘Frostbite’ at National Glass Centre
Artist: Charlotte Mitchell

Great North Snowdogs - Frostbite

Notes: We were lucky with our timings on this day. Got in photographed it and as we walked out the doors were locked! Interesting design made from glass additions!


GN Snowdog #55 – ‘Sparky’ at Seaburn Seafront
Artist: David Sith

Great North Snowdogs - Sparky

Notes: Sparky is a simple design that works well. His ears are glittery silver.


GN Snowdog #61 – ‘SAFC Spraydog’ at Stadium of Light
Artist: Frank Styles

Great North Snowdogs - Spraydog

Notes: Not on the original Trail Map this dog showed up on our Snowdogs App. Almost like it was added because NUFC had one with their crest on.

South Shields

GN Snowdog #56 – ‘Dog on the Groyne’ at Groyne Promenade
Artist: Bleu Smith and Jenny Leonard

Great North Snowdogs - Dog on the Groyne

Notes: The Dog on the Groyne has an aged look about him, but he’ll be toasty warm in his Barbour jacket.


GN Snowdog #57 – ‘Rhino’s Rescue’ at Marine Park South
Artist: Leighton Denny MBE

Great North Snowdogs - Rhino's Rescue

Notes: Rhino’s Rescue was painted as a tribute to Leighton’s rescue dog called Rhino.


GN Snowdog #58 – ‘Gizmo’ at Pier Promenade
Artist: Anonymous

Great North Snowdogs - Gizmo

Notes: A simple paint job, but I’m impressed with the mirror finish they have achieved.


GN Snowdog #59 – ‘Pawdington’ at Customs House
Artist: Mandii Pope

Great North Snowdogs - Pawdington

Notes: Pawdington had had his hat taken from him the week earlier so it took longer to wrap up this set of dogs.



GN Snowdog #60 – ‘Patchwork Northumberland’ at Leaplish Waterside Park
Artist: Daniel J. Weatheritt

Great North Snowdogs - Patchwork Northumberland

Notes: Out final Snowdog on the list took a while to get to. We imagined the dog in it’s picturesque setting, but found it located in front of a pub refurbishment instead!

GN Snowdog #Bonus – ‘Splodge’ at Eldon Garden
Artist: ???

Great North Snowdogs - Splodge

Notes: This dog isn’s an officially listed one, but is a full sized Snowdog located inside the new St Oswald’s Shop inside Eldon Garden.


Although it took us much longer than we had hoped to complete, we did it! If it hadn’t been for the Snowdog in Kielder, we would have finished the trail in less than 3 weeks. However as the long drive out kept putting us off it took us an additional 4 weeks to get out there. Both Abigail and Imogen thoroughly enjoyed the trail and It gave me a chance to try out my new camera.

I am left with a couple of questions as a completist though. 100% of Dogs found, but only 40 out of 42 trophies collected.

Snowdogs App

Yet when I look at the trophies there is only one more that I could have collected for Lookers!

St. Oswald’s Hospice is a great local charity that I hope this Trail has gained them recognition as well as funding. Although the Trail is only the first part, when it is wrapped up the Snowdogs will be auctioned off on the 6th of December to raise more money for the charity.

For more information visit Great North Snowdogs


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