As part of our Lads escape to Durham day out We quite early on decided to go to Fat Hippo Durham for a burger meal. With Stephen as a self confessed Burger addict I knew it would be a winner. A well deserved meal to follow on from the Escape Rooms next door.

Fat Hippo Durham

Cat and myself had sampled a visit to Fat Hippo in Newcastle near to Christmas. Thinking back I don’t remember that we blogged about it, but we did have a lot of stuff happening at the time. The burgers at Christmas we delicious and very festive. The thing that stood out was that the burgers weren’t dry or chewy. The texture was perfect and they stood out as an options for me. I’ll add in to this that usually a Burger is that last thing I’d order for a meal. However Fat Hippo opened my eyes to a tasty fresh (not burned) meaty meal.

Fat Hippo Durham

Back to Durham… We hadn’t booked a table for dinner and were asked if we had a reservation. There was a moment of dread that we’d end up at Weatherspoons again. Without even thinking about it we were guided to a nice table in a window at the back of the restaurant.

Fat Hippo Durham

Fat Hippo Durham Menu

I knew exactly what I wanted. In fact ever since I spotted it on the menu at Christmas I wanted to order it. A PB&J burger! Thats right the peanut butter and Jelly burger became my guilty obsession. Without knowing exactly what it was like or what was in it, I needed it! It consists of Chunky Peanut Butter, 2 x 4oz Beef Pattys, Cheese and Bacon Jam.

When the waitress came over and asked for the drinks order I was stumped. The past ten minutes were spent drooling over this dream burger I’d forgotten about drinks. Stephen and Lee ordered and I glanced at the menu and spotted a PB and Jack milkshake. This was a Peanut Butter and Jack Daniels Milk shake. A little on the crazy side I guess, but its good to try new things.

Fat Hippo Durham

Fat Hippo Burgers

From talking to other people who had been here in the past the one thing that consistently came out was the burgers. They are juicy and delicious. The secret a long with the recipe is thinner burgers. Where a gourmet burger may be as fat as your thumb, The fat hippo burgers are half that thickness, but you get two of them. This means that they cook quicker and stay juicier. Where the thicker burgers can start to dry out on the outside to cook through to the middle.

Fat Hippo Durham

The PB&J burger was served with a little bucket of fries. Peanut butter was oozing down the side of the burger. Being geet posh ‘n that, I picked up the knife and fork and started cutting up the burger meal. It was delicious, the sweetness from Bacon Jam and the texture from the burgers was perfectly met with peanut butter. As daft as it sounds at this point, I wasn’t really expecting all the peanut bits. The flavour was perfect, but a mouthful of peanut chunks slightly distracted me. It was a good job I had the PB&Jack cocktail to wash it down with.

I would love to try more of the menu here, but there are so many places to try. In terms of visiting other Burger places, Fat Hippo so far is the best. The interesting menu options that are on offer adds to the simplicity of a thinner tasty burger. If I had a thumbs up image, I’d use it now!


4 responses to “Fat Hippo Durham”

  1. Steve Rickelton’s favorite ever burger is the peanut and jelly!

    1. I just totally love the place. The bacon jam was awesome.

  2. There are always so many places that I want to try that we hardly ever make it to a place more than once, with the exception of Fat Hippo, we have to get our fix and whenever we have people visiting from out of town we have to take them there!

  3. Fat Hippo is my all time favourite place for a burger – nothing I’ve tried (well apart from my own) even compares. I haven’t visited the Durham branch yet.

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