Shrek's Adventure London

DreamWorks Tours – Shrek’s Adventure! London

With an action packed weekend in London we were looking for things to do that were different. We’d never tried Shrek’s Adventure before and the Easter weekend was the perfect chance. Merlin has several other attractions in the Southbank area, which means there is a full days worth of attractions here.

DreamWorks Tours – Shrek’s Adventure! London

Shrek's Adventure London

Our Shrek’s Adventure tour was booked for 11.00am on a Sunday Morning. We didn’t know how long it would take us to get to the Southbank from our Hotel, so felt this was a realistic start time. The queues for the neighbouring Merlin attractions were quite lengthy, but the queue for Shrek was quite short.

As a blogger I feel the need to photograph everything, so to double check upon entry I asked “Can I take photographs inside?”. The answer is that you can’t take photos during the tour. SO I took some during the pre queue.

As a huge fan of American theme parks. The main draw to me is the attention to detail. Adding little touches where a normally an attraction wouldn’t bother. Below is a photo of the front of the ticket desk. Little nods to characters through out Far Far Away. Poison apples? Ruby Slippers?

Shrek's Adventure London

As you make your way through the check in corridor many posters are plastered over the walls.

Shrek's Adventure London

Even a little tiny zebra crossing for mice, just before you enter the departure lounge for your journey to Far Far Away.

Shrek's Adventure London

Shrek Adventure Review

I can totally understand the reasons for not allowing photography for the tour. Firstly it would spoil the surprises for future guests. Secondly, I noticed during my trip to London the amount of signs saying no Flash photography, which were ignored with multiple flashes! As Shrek features live actors, Camera flashes can be off putting and potentially dangerous.

Back to the Tour. Guests are greeted by a tour guide that reads through his departure checklist and sets you up for the attraction. As this is a DreamWorks Tour and we’re now in Shrek’s world, the tour guides character was very animated and over the top. His spiel was full of humour for both kids and adults. Our Next destination is the Bus terminal to prepare to board our special DreamWorks London Bus. Destination is Far Far Away and the journey should be uneventful! I won’t spoil it but if you’ve ever experienced a linear attraction, the path is never A to B.

During the journey you meet many fairytale characters and interact with them in every scene. Starting with Cinderella, we are sent to meet a fortune teller who sets us a mission to be able to complete our journey.

All in all the attraction lasts around one and a half hours and all of party enjoyed it. Imogen was chosen to help out be carrying an item from one scene to the next. It worked out really well as Imogen won’t put her hand up to volunteer, instead she was just given the item to hold. This kept her talking all day about it. Abigail missed out on any helping out and has since made it a mission to volunteer for everything and any chance!

I would say that the attraction is as close as we would get in the UK to an american Theme park attraction. The attention to detail and magical effects is brilliant. The story and humour is fast paced, that at one point as we walked between two scene the characters chatted through the door. The conversation was in character and very amusing still.

Finally there is a meet and greet with Shrek followed by a load of photo opportunities.


Last up is a chance to purchase photographs from the tour. Imogen was desperate to buy it so we opened up the Bank of Dad for her. The photos come in a very detailed photo album, which has a scrapbooking style to it. Recipes for Honey Lip Balm, Flaps to lift up, puzzles and cut outs to make. We feel that the detail on this souvenir is something that other parks are missing out on. Would we have bought the photos alone? Probably not, but in the custom book it felt worthwhile.

Shrek Adventure Merlin Pass

As Shrek’s adventure is part of the Merlin Attraction Group. Shrek’s Adventure is available as part of your pass. Which lends it’s self perfectly for pass holders to create a full day at the South Bank. You could easily fit the London Dungeon and Shrek’s adventure in before a late lunch.

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  1. Oh it sounds fab – I love all of the attention to detail. We are considering buying Merlin annual passes next year so hopefully we’ll visit then.

  2. I have always wanted to visit here as we love the Shrek films, I will have to visit with my teen next time we are in London or when the little two are bigger. I love all the little attention’s to details xx

  3. We were just buying stuff from the shop there at the weekend! Our kids LOVE Shrek so we will have to take them sometime.

  4. I didn’t even know about this! Great review!

    Rachael xox

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