Sunderland Illuminations 2017

Disney Themed Sunderland Illuminations 2017

As a young Little Alan, I recall visiting Sunderland Illuminations on the way home from visiting my Auntie in Seaham. My dad would drive along the sea front and we’d gaze out at the strings of bulbs hanging across the roads. Something similar to Blackpool’s Illuminations but in a smaller scale. Turns out that Sunderland Illuminations is more that the road of lights, it expands in to the park nearby. It’s a good job Catherine knew this from her youth as I’d have driven by.

Sunderland Illuminations on Roker Beach

We started our lighting tour on the beach road. Just as you would expect lighting displays hanging from lampposts.

Sunderland Illuminations

Shooting stars and colour changing LED bulbs. All the usual stuff that you would expect to see.

 Sunderland Illuminations

This years Sunderland Illuminations had a Disney theme. So far we’d not spotted anything Disney based, but apparently it would all pull together in Roker Park. Entry to the park was controlled by a ticket entry system. Tickets could be bought from kiosks at £2 per person or online at £1 per person. We pre booked and simple had to show an email to gain entry.

Mickey and The Gang

The full Disney line up were present. Photographing these items was incredibly hard and hopefully you can make out who these figures are.

Sunderland Illuminations

Donald was setup standing with hid back to the rest of the gang. Whether this was on purpose or not.

Sunderland Illuminations

There was also a 3D Mickey sculpture, but it didn’t;t photograph well. So here is a silhouette from the back wall.

Sunderland Illuminations


Frozen had it’s own installation area. With sparkling snow storms, as shooting icy blasts. Olaf was up front in 3D form, while Elsa and Anna, were in flat form.

Sunderland Illuminations

Olaf was also the welcoming character at the gates.

Sunderland Illuminations

Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Although not standing next to each other, Captain Hook and Peter Pan got in on the action. Captain Hook was located in a Pirates cave, which was tucked away near the lower beach entry. The animatronic character was brandishing a sword, while yelling Pirate abuse phrases.

Sunderland Illuminations

Peter Pan was quite a distance away from Hook, means he was in Pirate Jail. Peter was overlooking the Peter Pan Shanty Town Food Court. Which seem like a Bavarian dinner experience, with several fast food outlets.

Sunderland Illuminations

Ariel, The Little Mermaid had a large 2D display that had jumping Dolphins.

Sunderland Illuminations

Alice in Wonderland had a few installation this year. Although the cartoon / film is my least favourite Disney offering. The light displays were my favourite.   The Tea cups had a great colour combo, while the Cards had a clear presence, and much clearer than some of the other installations.

My highlight of the event was technically not brilliant to look at.

Grafiti Cave

Just out side the beach entrance to Roker Park is an open shelter / unit. As part of the illuminations it is lit with with UV lighting, which is shining at some UV painted graffiti. In person the paintings looked OK, but when I photographed them, they really came alive. The colours were so vibrant, but it took a photo to make them pop!

Sunderland Illuminations Sunderland Illuminations Sunderland Illuminations

Sunderland Illuminations filled in a couple of hours as we walked around Roker Park. For the bargain price of £1 per person, it certainly was value for money. Additionally to the Disney lights, there were a few other enchanted projections, including a fairy dell, beating heart interactive display and various other models that were previously on show in Blackpool.

Tickets can be bought on the See It Do It Sunderland Website


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  1. They seem to have added quite a bit this year and it looks like a worthwhile trip. Steve hates both Sunderland and the illuminations so I doubt I’ll be able to convince him to go!

  2. I’ve never been to the Sunderland illuminations, your camera has got some cracking photos of the lights. I love all the disney lights, especially Peter Pan. Katie

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