Disney on Ice - Frozen

Disney on Ice – Frozen

We’ve been to several Disney on Ice productions over the years. I even decided to go and see a show with Catherine one year… before we even had kids! It’s no secret that the Hoopers are huge Disney fans, but at the same time, we are realistic. If we have a poor experience we wouldn’t sugar coat it.

Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice productions are created on license by Feld Entertainment. So the Show itself isn’t produced by Disney. Their ice show agreement dates back to 1981, where it used to go under the name of Walt Disney’s World on Ice. I can vaguely remember going to see a show at the Whitley Bay Ice Rink as a little boy!

Frozen at the Metro Arena

As a headline, I’m still not sure if I can sneak the word Frozen in with out it sounding like an over dramatic attention grabber. Saying that it was mildly chilly with in the arena, but we weren’t frozen.

Disney on Ice

There is a subtle set format with these Disney on Ice shows, which Frozen kept to.

A pre-show with Mickey, Goofy and Minnie. Catherine loves Goofy! She hates him with a passion. I have no idea where this came from, but I have enjoyed reminding her of this at every opportunity. These characters then introduce the theme of the evenings show. Which then introduces some more characters, that connect to the theme. Frozen’s theme is Love.

Disney on Ice

Mickey and Minnie then make way for the main performance.

I’m going to try not to spoil for anyone that is going to see it over the next few days. I will say that it is the best Disney on Ice show I have seen in the past few years. The whole show is pulled together well and as it is retelling the Frozen story it is coherent, instead of tenuously linked together sections. As a fan of the movie, it managed to keep the story true and well paced.

Disney on Ice Frozen

The special effects weren’t as in your face as previous years have been, or is the scenery and production, but it still came out more impressive.

The Frozen Problem

Not a fault with Disney on Ice, but my personal observation with Frozen the movie. Within the first half of the film there is constant songs and music. By the time you’ve hit “Let it Go” there musicality of the film dies off. This concerned me in terms of how the Feld production would deal with keeping the second half pacy and keep the kids attention. There was no need to worry, as the second half seemed to pass through as fast as the first half. In my book thats a good sign.

Hands down the best production from Feld we’ve seen so far, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

We were given 4 tickets for this production.


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  1. Glad u enjoyed the show we are going tomo!!! ?xx

  2. I am so pleased you all enjoyed it – we loved it too! Sven was my highlight 🙂

  3. It’s a good point about the second half, I hadn’t realised that until we came to this. Lovely to get to sit next to you guys and finally meet you guys. You have a lovely family!

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