Design, Innovation and the Latest Cooking Techniques at Newcastle Kitchen and Bedroom Co.

Newcastle Kitchen and Bedroom Company Launch Event

The middle of March saw the Spring Launch event for Newcastle Kitchen and Bedroom Company. The launch event was an opportunity to experience their newly expanded showroom, meet up with their partnered businesses and see an expert chef create tasty treats.

Before I go in too far though, let’s see if you can tell me what these four items are / what would you use them to do?

Newcastle Kitchen and Bedroom Company


Newcastle Kitchen and Bedroom Company Spring Launch

The Newcastle Kitchen and Bedroom Company is set out with a unique offering. They have teamed up with compatable businesses to provide a full home improvement service. Their business partners were on hand to talk about how they can help create the home of your dreams.

NKBCo, designs and builds bespoke kitchen and bedroom furniture in house at their workshop in Blaydon. This enables them to create the perfect product for you, meeting your needs and requirements.

Fleur Interiors, offers an interior design service, that works hand in hand with any major / minor installations. Their attention to detail is absolutely amazing. From Soft furnishings to lighting, carpets and flooring, wall coverings and all those finishing touches that you wish you had done, but never got around to doing.

Wakefields Smarter Home Technology, were showcasing their Bang and Olufsen audio equipment. However this was only part of their business. Martin, explained how they install everything from seemless hotel quality wifi throughout a house to full home automation. Controlling your lighting, blinds, audio and more with a touch of a button.

Zapatista Burrito Bar, were there in spirit, providing a mexican buffet meal. Help youself to Tortillas, nachos, chilli, spicy beans and an delicious vegetarian butternut squash filling.

AEG, had set up an expert chef showing what it’s possible to achieve with their latest cooking appliances. Through out the event he was cooking sweet and savoury snacks. Breads, garlic prawns, chocolate tray bakes, foccacia bread, muffins, cookies and more. My eyes were opened up when I found out what was in the secret drawer below his middle cooker!

Inspiring and Innovative Lifestyle Design

All the display kitchens here easily impress you. The units are well constructed and designed. Our favourite one is this “floating” kitchen with simple modern uncluttered units. When that’s combined with the mirrored kickboard and geometric Karndean flooring, it creates this inspiring illusion of open space. I’m not kidding when I say that I couldn’t stop myself walking back into this room to check it out for another time.

Floating Kitchen

Add to that the stylish wall covering, copper lighting and complentary wall art, then you move from just kitchen units to aspirational home living.

Copper lights


Audio Solutions by Bang and Olufsen

Wakefields, had several Bang and Olufsen audio units on display. Which at the time, I didn’t realise what I was actually looking at for a while.

This golden unit was on display behind the AEG Chef. I caught the attention of Chris (NKBCo) and asked what kitchen appliance this was. My initial thoughts was coffee machine where you add pods in the top. Nope… This was a speaker unit that connected via wifi and could blast out rich quality audio. I’m not sure how it worked as I’m used to seeing speakers surrounded with a mesh material.

Bang and Olufsen

In the next room, the Beosound 37 stood balanced on one leg blasting out… The Spice Girls. I’m not ashamed to say I was a fan!!
The quality of the design and engineering that goes into the B&O products is second to none. I know from past experience, my Dad had a B&O Television and Music Centre. Even down to the feel of the remote control it felt like quality. So, even though this is stood on one leg, I would feel confident that it wouldn’t start wobbling and would be solid and firmly fixed down.

Bang and Olufsen

Finally Martin was demonstrating these B&O Wall speakers. The System was a modular set up that could be expanded. So, you would start off with a central controller and add speaker panels to it as needed (or wanted).


AEG Steam Ovens and Sous Vide Cooking

This special drawer that is under the middle cooker is a special bundle of tricks that by my description will under play it. This was a Vacuum Sealing unit.

AEG Steam Oven

The idea is that you add your food / ingredients into a Sous Vide pouch and vaccum seal them together. In our video below you will see the unit in operation. By sealing your food into a bag before cooking your removing the air from around it and seal in all the flavour. This forces the flavours deeper into the food and is sort of express marinating it. This also prevents any of the moisture being lost through the cooking process.

The cooking of Sous Vide is usually via a pan of hot water (ie Boil in the Bag). AEG have Steam ovens that provide a more efficiant cooking environment than a conventional convection oven. Which is also suitable for cooking the Sous Vide pouches.

We were able to sample some garlic prawns that were cooked infront of us. And can vouch for the pouch!

AEG Steam Oven


And Finally

The Blaydon Showroom is also host to a huge display of radiators. We’re talking radiators in all sorts of styles and colours. From traditional cast iron ones, to modern contemporay art pieces. So my final “guess what” was a radiator, that looks like a run of chunky coat hangers.


The Newcastle Kitchena and Bedroom Co is Based on Blaydon Trade Park, Tollbridge Road, Blaydon.

Newcastle Kitchen and Bedroom Company Spring Launch Video



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