Boom Ball Game Unboxing and Review

Crazy fun with the Boom Ball Game

Sunday afternoon in the Hooper House. We’d been for a Sunday Lunch and thought instead of curling up on the sofa and chilling, maybe we should play a game as a family. The Summer was only just still tempting me out of the warmth of the house. So we should really make the most of it.

We received Boom Ball this week to review. It is a simple game of catch the ball in a net, that is strapped to your head, while the balls are fired at you from a launching device. When I first saw this online I was really excited to test it out. I’m not joking either! My thought process of balls being fired at me the kids and trying to catch them sounded fun. It was also potentially a game that could be turned in to a game for one.

Boom Ball

Boom Ball Game Unboxing and Review

As with most Toy reviews, we started in The Hoopsters Youtube Studio. Boom Ball’s launcher is boxed and needs a little assembly. Assembly took about 5 minutes and doesn’t require any specialist tools, just push and click connections. The hopper that holds the balls connects into the launcher and holds 12 balls. There are also 2 front leg spacers to adjust the height of the balls trajectory.

Boom Ball Review

All you need to do is press the blue button on the side and…. Ahh! We forgot about batteries. Boom Ball needs 4 x AA batteries, which are installed on the rear of the launcher. TO access the batter holder you need to undo a cross head screw.

Batteries installed we tested it out. Boom Ball rotates back and forth on the fixed base. Balls are shot out at differing powers and angles across the room. I wasn’t sure if it was an indoor toy or an outdoor one at this point. If you are playing it indoors, you ideally need a large room with few obstructions. The Balls are about 4 cm in diameter and are a soft hollow plastic. Certainly not as hard as a ping pong ball, but more rigid than a sponge ball (although sponge balls can be quite solid).

Boom Ball balls

Imogen and Abigail adjusted their head straps and donned their hooped nets. Lets start the projectiles. Both kids had differing techniques for catching. Abigail tried to get closer and closer to the launch tube, Imogen was working out where it was likely to shoot. After 12 balls, it was time to pick them up. This part turned into an un expected game.


Who can find the most balls the fastest?

As the balls had been sprayed across our front room, kicked and knocked. They were everywhere. Usually under the sofa, but some behind picture frames, one even landed in the Cutie Stix box. After several rounds of the game, the girls were starting to heat up and the plastic head strap became sweaty.

Boom Ball in Action

Time for a break? NOOOOO! Let’s take the game outside and see if it was easier or harder to play. Today was the very back end of Summer and the wind was picking up. Every 10 minutes a rain shower threatened, which made our games short and focused.

Boom Ball

This time round we added the lifting spaced to the front of Boom Ball to shoot the balls higher and further. The slight side wind did make the game harder, but Imogen kept catching the occasional one. Finding the balls afterwards was a lot easier with much less obstacles to lose them behind.


Fun for Adults too!

Right, this is the best part. This isn’t just a game for kids. I can see many a summer barbecue being lifted up with a Boom Ball League Table. Dad’s and Mums pogo-ing across the lawn. Or waiting for the kids to go to bed, so you could stand by yourself behind the sofa skilfully picking your location. Obviously the situations needs to be considered carefully to avoid injuries.

Boom Ball is available to buy from many toy retailers, but we’ve spotted it on sale at Smyths Toys for £26.99

Boom Ball Video Unboxing


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  1. I think that might be going on the Christmas list. It looks like fantastic fun. I think my girls would love it x

  2. Broke down after 5 minutes…

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