Hatchimals Pixies

Cracking Open the Latest Hatchimals Pixies

#AD – We were gifted the Hatchimals Pixies to unbox

The Hatchimals series has been in front of our kids for most of their lives. From the big self-hatching Hatchimals down to the Hatchimals Colleggtables. Today we were diving into the latest discovery from Hatchtopia, the Hatchimals Pixies.

Hatchimals Pixies

Hatchimals Pixies are a new collectable toy range from Spin Master. Just like the Hatchimals Colleggtables, they are presented in a brightly coloured egg, that needs to be hatched open to find out what’s inside. There are 8 Pixies to collect.

Hatchimals Pixies

Each Hatchimals Pixie egg contains 1 Pixie, 1 checklist and 5 accessories. The colour of the shell denotes as to what area of Hatchtopia it is from. For example, we had Pink and Purple eggs From Wave 1, which matched up with Glitter Garden and Crystal Canyon. Wave 2 when it’s released in October will feature Eggs from Polar Paradise and Wishing Star Waterfall.

Hatchimals Pixies

Opening Hatchimals Pixies

To open the Pixies egg, you need to hold the egg in your hand and warm up the shell to soften it. The breaking open of the shell is as satisfying as the discovering which doll you’ve got. Both Abigail and Imogen not only cracked open the shells, but collected the pieces to break up into smaller pieces afterwards. Turning the packaging into something as fun as the actual toy.

Hatchimals Pixies

We were lucky enough to be given 4 Eggs to hatch. Which gave us a chance of finding both Pixies from the 2 different zones in wave 1 of the release. Out of 4 eggs, we managed to get 3 different Pixies and 1 duplicate, which is not too bad as it could have been 2 pairs.

Our Pixies came with head band accessories, and two hold-able accessories, a clear base plate stand and a colourful zone based display stand. Although this photo of Glittering Gigi doesn’t show it that well, their hair styles are extremely glittery.

Abigail couldn’t wait to add on all the accessories, but the surprising element is the flappy wings. The Pixies’ wings are made of a jelly rubber that wobbles with every movement. Simply flicking or blowing them made them flap (see Video for action)

Hatchimals Pixies

After you’ve cracked open your egg and removed the shell, you can use the bottom of the egg as a display stand. The Zone base sits in perfectly flat.
Glittering Gracie’s hair is bright pink and as you can see here very glittery./ Here holdable accessory is a watering can, while her other accessory is a flower / cupcake.

Hatchimals Pixies

As far as blind box / bag toys go these are pretty cool and a little larger than the others we’ve had in the past. Being larger there is a little more detail added into the finish of the dolls. In addition to the flapping wings, the head is posable, but the other limbs are fixed.

Hatchimals Pixies are available from Smyths Toys priced at £7.99

Hatchimals Pixies unboxing Video

We’ve updated our Hoopsters studio and this was out debut video in the new setup. Let us know what you think.


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