Crab Rangoon Recipe

Crab Rangoon Recipe

We recently invited Samantha and Steve Rickleton and Chloe and Simon McGuirk over for cocktails and nibbles. The idea was to have a few themed cocktails and ideally some connected nibbles. My theme was Disney, but mainly the Disney World resort Hotels official cocktails and food. Then a Crab Rangoon recipe caught my eye. Just to make sure everyone would eat crab I sent out a group message and, from then on our cocktail night was labelled “Cocktails and Crabs”.

Crab Rangoon Recipe

120g of Drained Lump Crab Meat
180g of Cream Cheese
3 spring onions finely sliced
1tsp of Worcester sauce
1 pack of Wonton pastry

Crab Rangoon Ingredients


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. I found that the back of a teaspoon was quite good to just mush it around.
  2. Place a teaspoonful of mixture into the centre of a wonton square.
  3. Dampen 2 edges with water (dip your finger in a cup of water and paint it on).
  4. Fold over into a triangle and squeeze the edges together.
  5. dampen the middle section and fold all the point back into the middle to make an envelope shape.
  6. Drop a couple of wonton parcels into hot oil and cook for 1 – 2 minutes
  7. Drain on Kitchen roll.
  8. Serve with a dipping sauce like sweet chilli.

Crab Rangoon

Crab Rangoon Parcel

Finished Parcels

Frying the Crab Rangoon


I am not joking it is that easy to make This Crab Rangoon recipe. And I believe they went down well at the party, because when I returned with some Teriyaki Steak there was none left!

There are a few key points in the process. Firstly not to put too much filling in the centre of the square. If there is too much in it will spill out in cooking. Which I did have an empty crispy shell 🙁
Make sure the oil is hot before you drop them in (I cooked 2 at a time). I tested this by dipping a spare wonton wrapper into the oil and watched it crisp up rapidly.

If the oil starts to gurgle and crackle, you have a leak. The pastry protect the cheese and crab meat from the oil, but if there is a split of a gap it will go crazy. I generally lifted them out at this point.

My last point is that you will get into trouble from your other half if you haven’t cleaned up any oil spatter on the cooker, prior to eating the snack. Catherine thought it was a little bit too cheesy and it resulted in me eating 20 Crab Rangoon parcels all by myself, which they were lovely.

If you are struggling to find the wonton pastry, my advice is to try a Chinese supermarket and look in the freezers. I visited Ruskims on North Tyne Industrial Estate and the pack I got was £2.55 for around 40 sheets.


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