Cirque Du Hilarious 2019

Cirque Du Hilarious 2019

The school holidays are in mid flow and we were booking in fun highlights to keep the kids enthusiasm stretched across the 6 weeks. I remember as a child that we didn’t do that much which also meant I did the “I’m Booooored!” cry. Anyway… we spotted that Cirque Du Hilarious was touring again with their Laughter Dome Big Top, so arranged our tickets for Brockbushes.

We’ve seen Clive and Danny’s show several times at Butlin’s and it’s always one of the highlights of the holiday. We’d also seen the Show in the Laughter Dome last year at Tynemouth, and as the poster promised a New Show, we were excited to see it. Even if it wasn’t a new show, Funny is Funny and who doesn’t like a good laugh?
(I actually know someone!)

Cirque Du Hilarious at Brockbushes

We’d brought my Mam again this year as it is truly entertaining for all ages, from our Abigail at 8 to my Mam at 75. There is always something to entertain and make you laugh, even if we’re all laughing at different parts.

This year it was everything you’ve come to love about Cirque Du Hilarious.

Cirque Du Hilarious 2019
Cirque Du Hilarious 2019

Bright vivid costumes (and lots of them), plenty of magic, dance routines, music and speciality acts. Did I miss anything out? Oh yeah, water and Mick.
If you’ve been to any Clive and Danny show (Theatre Royal Panto included) you’ll know that there is a chance of a spritz of water. Even my Mam got wet this time around and even though she would’ve been horrified with the idea, she was laughing all the way though. Plus as the tent can get quite warm, it’s a welcome cool down.

Cirque Du Hilarious 2019

Mick brought back the death defying “Dangerous Alan”. As well as being… Mick. His constant slightly worried expression is enough to set you chuckling.

Houdini’s Milk Churn Escape

I’d seen on a local TV channel that this years show was featuring the Houdini Milk Churn Escape. Abigail and I are interested in magic and we pre-watched a few versions of the escape on YouTube. Danny’s version has a unique Danny Adams take on it, which kept us hooked in. Imogen was cringing as Danny gets padlocked under the water. There was genuine peril here.

Cirque Du Hilarious 2019

Speciality acts this time around included an acrobatic team or four and a very skilled juggler.

Cirque Du Hilarious 2019
Cirque Du Hilarious 2019

Everything was blended together with the Cirque Du Hilarious Dancers and finished off with Clown Force,

Cirque Du Hilarious 2019

As always we got the chance to get a photo with Clive and Danny, but this time around Mick was doing photos too. The guys always have time to meet and greet after their show, over buy the merchandise stall.
Abigail kept asking for a “Danny Doll”, Catherine said No!, but I said Yes! So, we now have a talking “Accidernt” doll in the pile of toys.

Cirque Du Hilarious 2019

We had a great afternoon at Brockbushes and seeing the 3pm show really filled out the day. All of us had a great time and we’ll without question be seeing Cirque again in the future.

Additional Information
Dates: Brockbushes until 10/08/19 & Tynemouth 13/8/19 until 01/09/19
Duration: The Show is two 50 minute sets with a 15 minute interval
Prices: £10 – £14
Ticket Sales: Tickets can be bought online
or at their Ticket office on site from 10am


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  1. Ah you can’t beat a bit of Cirque du Hilarious in the holidays can you x

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