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Christmas Gifting Challenge with

A few weeks back we were approached by to be part of their Christmas gifting challenge.  In short, we needed to buddy up with another blogger to select a gift they would love and they would reciprocate with a gift for us.  All very exciting!! Deborah at Country Heart and Home was our blogger buddy, so I needed to think about what she would like to recieve as she has just moved home. The items for selection were from a list of Top 10 gifting products for 2017. This included vacuums, TVs, coffee makers and other kitchen gadgets.

As I tracked my delivery driver I really did feel like a kid at Christmas.

Our Gift

Sony UBP-X800 4K Blu-Ray PLayer

The gift Debbie had selected for us for us was a Sony 4K Ultra Blu-Ray player in sleek black (RRP £289).  This was the perfect present as our Blu-Ray player had given up the ghost a few months ago.  We are a family of Disney nerds so our Disney DVD collection alone is massive.  Also imagine a world where we could no longer embarrass the kids with our wedding DVD? Doesn’t bare thinking about!

Thankfully to the rescue with a state of the art new Sony 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray player which we set about testing the features:

4K Ultra HD

Ultra HD Bluray Player

An Ultra 4K dvd ‘Inferno’ starring Tom Hanks, came with the pack with really impressive cinema quality. The difference in the sharpness and clarity of the video playback was most noticeable.  Our TV is coming up to 8 years old, so isn’t 4K but know that if it was the images would have been even sharper.  Next one on the list for Santa!

High Resolution Audio

Sound quality was also top notch with this Blu-Ray player featuring Dolby Atmos.  The sound from the DVD was immersive and much improved from our previous player.  If only the remote control could turn down the demanding kids!

Easy To Set Up and Easy Access To On Demand Services

The Blu-Ray player was so easy to set up following step by step instructions on the screen.  From the initial turn on it guided us through connecting to our wifi and updated the system software in one go. It works as a portal to other on demand services such as Netflix, and BBC sport.  Netflix has its own button on the remote control so easy to binge watch Stranger Things once the kids are in bed.  I’m already dreaming of this time and it’s only 10am now!!

Sony Design

Even if a gadget has amazing features, the design has to deliver and with this Sony Blu-Ray it looks the part too. The design is sleek with only two buttons on view. One to turn on and the other to open up the tray which is concealed behind a streamlined front. Initially we wondered where the disc tray was, but the majority of the front opens to reveal the tray upon pressing the button.


Although we bought our TV the month before 3D TVs were released, the Blu-Ray player supports 3D Blu-ray play back too. We’ve really enjoyed this early christmas gift and it was an amazing surprise that filled a gap we had kept putting off.


Our Video Review of the Sony UBP-X800 Blu-Ray player

We’ve made a video review of the Sony UBP-X800 Blu-Ray player, which gives more information on the product and shows you just how easy the DVD player is to install.

For more information about the Sony UBP-X800 Blu-Ray player, visit

Thanks to for allowing us to be part of the challenge. Debbie at Country Heart and Home, has blogged about the gift we have chosen for her on her blog.

Don’t forget to see what bargains will be available on Black Friday at Black Friday is the 24th of November this year, so add this link to your diary.


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  1. What a fab idea for a blog post! We could not be without our (several) blu ray players and this one looks like a good ‘en. Well done Deborah!

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