Best Ever Family Holiday in Barcelona SPain

My Best Family Holiday Ever in Barcelona, Spain.

We’re continuing with our Best Family Holiday Ever series today. Todays reflection is from Han-Son Lee. A Dad blogger who blogs about the ideals and ambitions of a modern day Dad. He has been writing his blog for just over a year at Creating a useful space where other modern day dads can reflect on life.

Tell us a little bit about your family:

I work full time in the city as does my partner who runs her own business. In fact it was that backdrop that really made this holiday so special.

Where was your Best Family Holiday Ever? Barcelona, Spain
When Was it? Christmas 2016 / New Years 2017
How did you get there? (3 buses and a boat) 1 plane (eventually), 1 taxi

What did you do on your Family holiday and what was it that made it the best one?

Christmas is the one time of year where the world for both my partner and I really stop. During the rest of the year, especially for my partner, there’s always a project / initiative to run, and getting a summer holiday simply hasn’t been possible for the last 3 years.

We had one of the best holidays together before becoming parents in Barcelona, and thought we’d try it out again for our first Christmas abroad as a new family.

In fact, it being the first time abroad over Christmas at all for me was a particularly weird one for me to get over:

  • What, no Christmas meal with the family? – nope
  • No Boxing day movies? – nope
  • You mean I actually need to plan the Christmas pressies before Christmas eve!? – yep

But with great hopes for a memorable time abroad we were off to Barcelona!

Or were we…


I pride myself on remembering everything, and paying attention to the details. But I totally forgot one of our bags (the one with the passport, iPad and all the travel money obviously!) on the train getting to the Airport. Whenever I bring it up now with Jess I still gives me the evils…

Fortunately I managed to get the bag back intact, all the way in Brighton, and we managed to catch a later flight that day.

As it was our first ever flight with Max I have to say I was somewhat nervous about it, but aside from a small tantrum it was relatively peaceful with thanks to the wonderful Monarch Children’s Menu and a little help from Mr Amazon Fire!

Remembering one of the best meals ever

On the very first day, Jess and I went back to a place where our foodie dreams were remembered. When we first visited Barcelona a few years before, we found the wonderful Osmosis – a brilliant little restaurant full of taster menu delights. But how would this time, with a young child, fare?

Well, he played his part…in sleeping for more than 1.5 hours during the meal ( you little legend!) which meant we could enjoy 2/3 of all the dishes in peace, and he could re-join just in time for dessert. Well timed you could say…

A place to remember


We stayed in a brilliant little apartment just off the city centre, which gave us a lovely walk back each night, and we were most fortunate that our host seemed intent on serving fried eggs each morning, along with croissants and cheese – don’t mind if I do!

Gothic delight

On the third day (also Christmas eve) we went to Sagrada Familia. For anyone who hasn’t been there before, it’s one of Gaudi’s most famous works, and is a truly spectacular site. The light that enters the building is just something else, and Max absolutely loved chasing them around.

The best ‘market stall’ in the world

You’ll probably have guessed by now that I’m quite the foodie, and so this trip also saw us visit what I consider to be the very best ‘street/market’ outlet in the world – El Quim de la Boqueria.

A simply incredible kitchen, situated in the MIDDLE of a food market, where you sit around the kitchen while food is served to you. If I could ever choose my last meal – it would probably be there. We feasted on prawns with fried eggs, with Cava, and so much more good stuff. Just Yum!

Other highlights included:

  • A children’s art festival which Max absolutely loved
  • Opening presents from Grandma and Granddad on Christmas day, in another country
  • Visiting Park Guell, and getting some winter sun that day
  • Finding out that Max really loves seafood croquettes!
  • And that he can be fooled into thinking that Octopus is Chicken, lol.
  • Max, finding an excuse to make any, and every, side step on the pavement a chance to practice his jumping!
  • Visiting the brilliant Seaword Marina there
  • Jess randomly winning the local co-op raffle from a ticket she’d bought the week before so we collected champagne upon our arrival back to the UK!

Can’t wait to go back again!


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