Annie the Musical

Annie the Musical – Tyne Theatre Review

When I was a kid, I remember wanting to go to see musicals and shows because I’d heard the music. My parents used to have a large LP collection of musicals and soundtracks. Quite often I’d be surprised with a trip out to the Theatre. The musicals I’d visited as a child have now been turned into big budget films. Which is turning the pathway on its head. My kids are watching the movies and then spot the stage production.

Annie the Musical

With two versions of the musical on film for our kids to compare against I was wondering if anything would raise a question. The stage version we went to see at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House was similar to the 1984 film version. With a few differences it remained true to what I remember the story to be.

Annie Overture

The Annie overture started, the lights dimmed and it was show time. Starting off with a brass solo version of “Tomorrow”, the orchestra joined in piece by piece until the medley of popular songs blasted out of the orchestra pit. There is something amazing about a live band or orchestra in a theatre setting. So many times have we seen what appears to be a taped sound track. Seeing the conductor and actual musicians was a refreshing change that brought back so many memories.

As the final notes of the Annie Overture played the lights went out and the curtain went up. It was then that I remembered the cast was outnumbered by children. Would this mean they were also drowned out by this rousing orchestra?

Annie Musical Cast

The cast for this Astravaganza production of Annie was huge. I counted about 30 young orphan girls, I think there was 2 boys, 1 dog and possibly around 30 other cast members on stage. All or which were perfect in their performance on the opening night. Annie (Abigail Miller), took control of her role and confidently lead the performance.

I was genuinely impressed with the quality of the singing and dancing from the large, young cast. From trying to get our two to remember lines for a school assembly, I know how hard it can be. Yet all the dancing was totally unison and backed up with their vocals. We recognised one girl from Imogen’s school, which we can also remember the playground chat about the auditions several months back.

Annie the Musical Songs

Annie is full of songs that you know. As the Annie Overture played at the beginning I recognised so many songs that were played into each other. Songs like “never fully dressed without a smile”, “Easy Street”, “Tomorrow”, “Hard Knock Life” and “Maybe” instantly jump out.

Annie the Musical is on at the Tyne Theatre and Opera House until Saturday the 3rd June 2017.
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  1. I love Annie, I used to watch it all of the time when I was a child. My friends daughter is preforming in this production and I have heard it is brilliant xx

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