A Family Games night with Randomise

As the nights draw in, we’ve been getting that trapped in the house feeling. Abigail had started to show an interest in the games console, Imogen became more glued to her iPhone. Our once social night in with the kids started to become separated. When in Scarborough we dug out a word game and split off into teams. It seemed to be a success.

We were contacted to review a new game called Randomise. The tagline is Draw, Act or Describe your way to Victory!

Fun Family Games with Randomise

Randomise – The Game

Randomise had been described as Pictionary meets charades. It’s a game of teamwork that involves trying to pass the correct answer to your team through acting, describing or drawing you situation.

Inside the Game box is 3 sets of cards A, B, and C. The A cards sets an adjective that guides how the character needs to be played. The B cards set the character that is the main focus of your challenge. The C cards set up a situation. Each card has 2 options Easy or Hard. Each of these options has 3 choices in them.

The opposing team shouts out 3 random numbers to select which choices you need to play out. For example “3, 3, 2”, would equate to your selection being a Sweaty Camel playing netball. You then have a time limit to either draw, describe or act out.

Fun Family Games with Randomise

Whenever you play a new game the quantity of rules starts to baffle and confuse. At first, we weren’t sure how Abigail would adapt to it. We jump straight into our first round. Abigail and Me versus Catherine and Imogen.

We were first to perform, Catherine shouted out our 3 digits and Abigail read her cards (to herself). She started giggling. I mean really giggling. This was where our first challenge fell to bits. She decided to try and draw her randomised selection.

Fun Family Games with Randomise

Her drawing skills are developing but weren’t the easiest to decipher. In between the thoughtful squiggles and giggling we ran out of time.Fun Family Games with Randomise

Just to illustrate the point I drew this drawing below to explain a randomised challenge. Obviously, it should be easier as the card is below it when you have no clues it is harder.

Fun Family Games with Randomise

It was Imogen’s turn and she decided to act out the separate sections. Catherine is mad hot for getting these right. Long before the time is up they’d guessed correctly.

Fun Family Games with Randomise

On her next turn, Abigail used the acting approach and had loads of fun. Acting out a freezing cowboy flying a kite. She leaped around the room screaming Ye Haa… Wild West. Arms twirling an imaginary lasso.

Fun Family Games with Randomise When it came to the final scores Catherine and Imogen won!

Randomise Review

The game should be straightforward, but there seems to be a lot of options, to begin with, which adds confusion. However, once you’ve finished reading the instruction and get it, it’s simple. In fact, the instructions give you alternative ways to play. We tweaked the rules slightly to make it simpler for us to follow. Instead of the suggested varying time limits, we standardised them to 90 seconds per go.

The way the cards are randomised adds the challenge to the game. If it was simply making up the situation you’d choose something very easy. While having your challenge selected for you means you need to be creative. We had a sleepy squirrel on a sled as another selection. Another tweak I can see us implementing over the Christmas period is instead of teams to play as individuals performing to the family. If you guess it right, it’s your turn.

We enjoyed our games night and more importantly, the youngest Hoopster followed it along and loved it. Considering it is aimed at ages 8 and older, while Abigail is only 6.

Randomise is available on Amazon It is currently priced at £11.99

Their official website is https://randomisegame.com


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