Washington Old Hall – Cadbury’s Easter Egg Hunt

Washington Old Hall - Easter Egg Hunt

It’s the Saturday of the Easter Holidays and I was determined to get another Easter Egg Hunt under our belt this year. The Kids love it and in my book, if the kids are happy, so am I. Catherine on the other hand needed a little more persuasion to visit.

Catherine: The Forecast is for rain!
Me: Yeah, but the sky looks bright further south.

It was a bad forecast on the weather app, but I’m not one to believe in predicting the future. If we take a brolly we’re prepared for anything. Plus the worst that could happen is that we sit in the coffee shop and use our Vitality Life National Trust gift card.

Washington Old Hall Easter Egg Hunt

Entrance to Washington Old Hall is £6.00 for adults. We have National Trust Membership, but we brought my Mum along for the journey. As she has a dodgy hip, I though it was a good option for her as it’s a small property and sh wouldn’t be dragged around too far. The Easter Egg Hunt here was £1.50 per entry, which gives you your trail map and the Rabbit Chocolate at the end.

Washington Old Hall Easter Egg Hunt Map

The Challenge here is to hunt down animal tracks and find out what animal they came from. This was a little bit easier than at Wallington Hall. Although the trail was set out in order you didn’t need to do it in order, but we did.

Washington Old Hall Easter Egg Hunt

Imogen loves researching and projects. If you give her a sheet of paper she’ll fill it full of writing, so this is right up her street. Abigail can lose interest quite quickly as she’s still learning how to read and write in Reception class. So for her the exciting part is trying to spot the animal trails before Imogen. Sibling rivalry at it’s best.

Washington Old Hall Easter Egg Hunt

After about 30 minutes we’d completed the Easter Egg Hunt and were heading back to collect the “Egg”.

Washington Old Hall Nuttery

This is a photo taken from the furthest end of the  / Garden at Washington Old Hall, it is gradually sloped up hill and would have been an easy terrain for my Mum, but she insisted that we parked her up in the Coffee Shop.

The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop had only been open a couple of days and was still a little sparse in terms of wall decoration. The staff mentioned that there were some items to sort out still. We didn’t mind as I remember from last year that it was still being improved. There was a little problem with our gift card though. As the coffee shop was still new, they didn’t have a PDQ machine and were operating on a cash only basis. And to be fair I sort of expected this as it was a small venue.

The coffee was good and the brownie’s were fresh. The Coffee was served with a little individual portion of milk in a little jug and a desert spoon for stirring. I guess teaspoons are on the to do list.

Washington Old Hall

As we were here we went into the Hall for a quick look around. This time I uprooted my Mum from the Coffee Shop. Washington Old Hall is the Ancestral home of George Washington, the first President of the United States of America. One of the interesting quirks here is that in the 19th Century the building was converted into tenement flats and there is a section upstairs that is played out as it would have been. No. 5, Old Hall was home to Mr Stanley Bone, a copy of his birth certificate is on the table. We were told as we left that he’d been in to visit that morning, as he lives just around the corner and often pops in.

As we stepped back into the car the rain started and continued until it hit torrential levels around 5pm. My optimism worked and didn’t ruin a day out.

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