The Blue Lagoon… Experience.

Blue Lagoon DIsneyland Paris

Yo Ho yo Ho a Pirates life for me!
I’m not sure if I would want a pirates life as I’m too used to the home comforts of cleanliness, coffee and a memory foam mattress. I would deal with the eye patch, as a child the eye hospital made me wear a plaster on one lens of my glasses. If wearing glasses didn’t bring in the attention, a sticker on the eye will! Anyway…

The Blue Lagoon

As we started to get nearer to the Half Marathon weekend at Disneyland Paris, I started to think food and dining reservations. Stephen Coulson agreed (as my running and booking partner). One of our choices that we agreed on was The Blue Lagoon.

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Blue Lagoon is based inside the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Due to its location it can be quite a popular option, so booking 2 months in advance was more than enough to secure our seating. We opted for a 7pm table on the Friday night. Let’s ease our selves into the Disney magic before the running started, with some wine and fine food.


Walking the plank!

We raced up through Disneyland Park from the Hotel Cheyenne after checking into the rooms and having a quick bath. Usually for a 7pm booking I’d arrive a little earlier, but as we were probably 25 minutes from the restaurant, we only just made it for 7pm.

Blue Lagoon Disneyland Paris

Of course a 7pm reservation doesn’t really mean you’ll see your table then! It means that you can sit in a waiting area for another 30 minutes, before your given a piece of paper to hand to the waiter. With hunger and excitement brewing we walk around the corner and towards the dining area of the restaurant… to join a small queue awaiting to be seated. Another 5 minutes and we are able to hand over the paper slip to our waiter. He reads it, sighs loudly before leading us to a water’s edge table.

If your eating at the Blue Lagoon, this is where you want to be sitting. You get the full atmosphere of the attraction’s boats sailing past, while the dusky lighting really sets the mood.

Blue Lagoon Menu

Blue Lagoon Dessert menu

The set menu options were weighted towards fish, but we opted for main courses only. Heavily weighted towards steak.

Blue Lagoon Surf and Turf

My free range Veal Medallion with half Lobster (surf and turf) was just what I needed. Perfectly cooked meat with a decent sized lobster. It came with 2 sauces in little shot glasses. Both of which where delicious and really added to the meal. I remember from previous meals at Disneyland Paris, that the sauces were amazing. It came with some aromatic rice, a small portion of vegetables and a roasted plantain. I’d never had Plantain before and it tasted slightly banana-y!

Blue Lagoon Steak

Cat went for Fillet of Beef and Chips. A more traditional option.

These were washed down with a Bottle of Chardonnay and a pint of 1664.

Dessert menu?

We’d chosen to skip the starter to save space (and money) for a desert. From memory of the options, I was torn between vanilla cream flambée or Pineapple and Raspberry Crumble. In a situation like this I would usually make a snap decision when everyone else had ordered.

Our waiter, asked if we would like to look at the desert menu, walked away and came back.

“Sorry, but there are no desserts left the kitchen is closed.”

Our 7pm dinner reservation had lasted until 8:30pm, to last a main course and the kitchen had given up on us! We weren’t the last people in the restaurant, so we accepted our situation and slowly finished up our drinks.

As we sat there we did spot that every other person sitting around us had opted for the Vanilla Cream Flambée. I mean it’s quite hard to hide 10 inch high flickering flames. Instead of kicking off I accepted that they may have pre ordered and all the serving staff had to do was ignite some booze over the top.

The head waiter came over.

“Sorry for interrupting, but the park is now closed. When your ready to leave, let one of the staff know and we will escort you from the park”

To make sure there is no one stopping over at Disneyland Park they need to be sure everyone left. So I understand that we could have sneaked off and or got lost on the return to the main gates. Our human train of diners, was passed through Adventureland and onto Main Street USA from cast member to cast member. When we were safely in front of the castle we were free to make our own way out… or take some photos!

Disneyland Paris Castle

Overall I would usually say that the environment and atmosphere of Blue Lagoon is as good as the food, which makes it a great night out. However on this instance we weren’t attentively looked after by the staff, which meant that we missed out. Generally I’m not a complainer, but I feel this time I will be contacting someone at the resort.


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