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  • Oriental Museum Durham

    Durham Oriental Museum

    On Sunday afternoon we decided to head down the A1 to visit Durham for a few hours.  It’s a gorgeous city that we don’t visit often enough.  In the past we have enjoyed lovely afternoons strolling along the river with a picnic in hand.  Durham is also a great place for a browse in the shops […]

  • Tasting Windermere Waters at Beamish

    Windermere Waters at Beamish

    When I was a Disney obsessive! One of the things we used to really look forward to was the food and drinks at the theme parks. Believe it or not they serve more than Coke, Burgers and Chips. Sometimes these hidden details with in the shops become legendary, but until they are tested you’ll never […]

  • Beamish Empire Weekend

    Empire Flag Day – Beamish Museum

    The sky was blue and the sun was shining as we set off early to Beamish Museum last Sunday.  It’s been a few years since we have been to the attraction and I have been watching with interest to  their Facebook page updates including the development of the chemist shop, bakery, and photography shop at […]

  • Discovery Museum

    Discovery Museum – Newcastle upon Tyne

    Sometimes the best laid plans are destined to go to pot and our planned Bank Holiday trip to the Lakes camping was just not meant to be! Thursday started off inconsequential. A sweaty 5k run around Great Park with my ‘This Girl can Run’ group followed by a visit from my friend and hairdresser Jacqueline […]