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  • Just So Festival 2016 Highlights

    Just So Festival 2016 Highlights

    With three days of activities we couldn’t squeeze it all into the general Just So Blog post. We needed to point out the parts that the kids and ourselves loved the most. So join us on our run down of the highlights of our first Family Festival. Festival Food Corn After camping for nearly a […]

  • Just So Festival 2016

    Just So Festival 2016

    What a weekend! What a week! We’ve been none stop recently and are now resting in Hooper Towers. Out of the many adventures we have just had, we also got the opportunity to go to the Just So Festival, Rode Hall, Cheshire. The festival ran from Friday to Sunday (19th – 21st August 2016). Just […]

  • Just So Festival

    Just So Festival 2016

    The summer holidays are getting closer and it’s almost a little daunting to think about six weeks of occupying our kids. One of our thoughts was an extended camping experience, but then we also thought about festivals. However when we thought back to the festivals we attended ten plus years ago, they weren’t suitable for […]