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  • Just So Festival 2016

    Just So Festival 2016

    What a weekend! What a week! We’ve been none stop recently and are now resting in Hooper Towers. Out of the many adventures we have just had, we also got the opportunity to go to the Just So Festival, Rode Hall, Cheshire. The festival ran from Friday to Sunday (19th – 21st August 2016). Just […]

  • George and Dragon Clifton

    George and the Dragon – Clifton

    We’d packed up the car for Kendal Calling and decided to meet our friends in Clifton, just outside of the Kendal Calling site. There were two reasons for this. Firstly to get on the road and do something. Secondly, I had a Geocache I wanted to find. I’d done my research and worked out where […]

  • Just So Festival

    Just So Festival 2016

    The summer holidays are getting closer and it’s almost a little daunting to think about six weeks of occupying our kids. One of our thoughts was an extended camping experience, but then we also thought about festivals. However when we thought back to the festivals we attended ten plus years ago, they weren’t suitable for […]

  • Ouseburn Festival 2016

    Ouseburn Festival 2016

    Low key, cool and interesting would be words I would use to describe the Ouseburn valley area of Newcastle.  Located just a twenty minute walk from the city centre and Quayside, it’s a quirky creative part of the city that is worth a visit. The Ouseburn In the Ouseburn you will find  Seven Stories (the […]