Into The Woods Tyne Theatre

Into the Woods at Tyne Theatre and Opera House

As I sat in my chair a tray of food in front of me, my headphones on, I started to watch the in-flight movie. We’d missed it in the pictures, but on the outbound flight to Florida “Into The Woods” was on. Perfect.

Just as it started… “Daaaad? My headphones aren’t working”, “Daaaaad? My iPad won’t work!”, “Can you take me to the toilet?”. I never got to see the film and as a result, didn’t know anything about the musical or story. Which can work out both good and bad!

Tyne Theatre Productions present Into The Woods

Into the Woods is a fairy tale story with a twist… in two parts.

Every fairy tale has some form of the third person narrator. Daniel Dorian Johnson played the deadpan narrator to a tee. He walked on pulled the story along, introduced the characters and drifted off stage. It would be impossible for him not to draw focus with the green hair and beard.

into the Woods Tyne Theatre

The Story starts off with the introduction of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Ridinghood. Each singing their own stories. Cinderella wanting to go to the Prince’s festival, Jack needing to sell the family cow and Little Red collecting sweet treats to take to her grandmother.

When the neighbouring witch knocks on the door of the bakery, she tells Baker and his Wife that their house is cursed. The curse has prevented them from having children. They would remain childless unless they could lift the curse. To do this the Baker needed to collect A white Cow, A Red Cape, Some hairs as yellow as corn and a Golden Shoe. Desperate to start a family he sets off on his scavenger hunt… Into the Woods.

into the Woods Tyne Theatre

into the Woods Tyne Theatre

While in the Woods we are introduced to Rapunzel.

into the Woods Tyne Theatre

And Two Princes.

into the Woods Tyne Theatre

As the Baker started to find all the items on his list and everything seems to be wrapping up, I noticed we hadn’t seen an interval yet. The Curse was lifted, everyone appeared on stage and it felt like an ending… but it wasn’t. Into The Woods has the extra part that I’ve thought about so many times at the cinema. What happened next?

Where the fairy tale story concluded, there has to be more story. What happens after the royal wedding? Or When Jack the Giant Slayer gets home? There has to be more story. Well, there is and that’s where the second twist is.

Into The Woods Review

The Tyne Theatre Production was well produced. The stage setting was well created and the few transitions were well orchestrated. The Steam Punk overlay in the costumes was a fun touch. The music was provided by a live orchestra, which was perfectly balanced. The music never overpowered the singing and likewise in return, it couldn’t be faulted. I can remember reading somewhere that Stephen Sondheim music was complicated. Apart from a few songs, on the whole, the musical score seemed to have lots of parts happening at the same time. Which also occurred with the lyrics in places too. Three or four different character s singing their own stories on top of each other.

The complexity came to a head in the middle of the second half. Cinderella, The Baker and Wife, Jack and his Mam, The Witch and Rapunzel are having a heated blame discussion. With each character singing just a few words while bouncing the blame back and forth. All actors involved hit it off floorless. The tight cast of 17 have done an excellent job and there really wasn’t a weak link.

As we left the Tyne Theatre, we couldn’t help sing out pieces of the title song.

Into the Woods is on until Saturday the 10th March. Tickets are available from the Tyne Theatre Priced at £10 – £16

To Buy Tickets from The Tyne Theatre Click Here

into the Woods Tyne Theatre

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2 responses to “Into the Woods at Tyne Theatre and Opera House”

  1. I first saw Into the Woods many moons ago in a tiny theatre above a pub in London and loved it! Twists on fairytales are one of my favourite things! This production looks great, especially the costumes!

  2. My uni preformed this just before the movie came out and I got to play one of Cinderella’s step sisters. It really isn’t the easiest show musically but it is heaps of fun! Fun Fact – Ollie the guy playing the baker in this production played the same role in our uni production of Into The Woods and one of the step sisters here played by Harriet was the bakers wife in our production, so I know there’s some fab talent in this group of actors! I really like the idea of the steam punk twist too, we had a 70’s twist on ours which just didn’t work that well I think haha. Thanks for this review, I’m glad you enjoyed the musical xo

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