Whacky Shots World Warriors Review

Whacky Shots World Warriors

Since the Hoopsters channel has started to grow, we’ve been getting quite a few toys for review. Last week we received a Whacky Shots Battle Pack from Brainstorm.

Whacky Shots World Warriors Battle Pack

From the first inspection, Whacky Shots seems to be a simple catapulting style target game. In reality, there are multiple levels to this that we’ll try and explain.

Within the Whacky Shots Battle Pack, you receive 8 x Whacky Shots, 8 x Trading Cards, 8 x Card Bases, 6 x Crash Cones, 2 Power launchers and a target net. The packaging is brightly colored and in a fun comic book style, which is very eye-catching.

Whacky Shots World Warriors

The Back of the box tries to explain what Whacky Shots is all about. Which is tough as Whacky Shots is so many things. We’ll start off with the “Pick your Team” part. There are 5 teams of whacky shots, each with their own power (think Rock Paper Scissors). Earth Heroes, Mutant Beasts, Invading Aliens, Rogue Robots and Team Atomic.

Whacky Shots World Warriors

Each team has its own power. Fire beats Nature, Nature beats, Electricity, Electricity beats Water, Water beats Fire and Atomic beats All. In the battle pack, you receive 2 from each team (excluding Atomic). Each Whacky Shot Comes with a matching Trading Card (which also explains the powers)

Whacky Shots World Warriors

The idea is to take one of each colour and separate into two sides.

Whacky Shots World Warriors

Using the Power Launcher you hook the Whacky Shots head on to the long white arm and pull them back like a catapult.

Whacky Shots World Warriors Taking in turns you shoot down the cards to win the opponent’s characters. So A Rogue Robot (electricity) would be overpowered by a mutant beast (nature). If I’m totally honest this part of the game got lost on our Hoopsters.

Whacky Shots game

We ended up using the target net and seeing who could get the most into the net.

So straight away there are two ways to play the game. Next up is the collectability of the rubber toys and trading cards. I know from past experience, anything collectible is addictive. Also, I believe that the Atomic Whacky Shots are Glow in the Dark. This is like telling my kids they are rare!

Whacky Shots World Warriors Battle Pack Review

Both Imogen and Abigail enjoyed playing with these, although they did initially say it was a boys toy. To which we question if it matters if you’re a boy or a girl playing with these. After a few goes, they started to improve their target practice and Imogen definitely got the upper hand during all gameplay. Being made of a soft stretchy rubber, they don’t hurt if they hit you. I got one in the nose on the video below and can confirm I did not cry.

The concept is similar to playing with a catapult which I had as a child. However, I’ll guess that our kids will never see one of these, during their childhood. So I think it is a fun skill to play with.

These are currently available on Amazon priced at £14.99

Whacky Shots World Warriors Video

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