Understanding Diversity with Vampirina

Vampirina Toys

The morning routine changes so subtly as the years go by. As the kids get older they are able to get themselves ready and help out in the morning rush. One change that took me a while to acknowledge was the morning TV. What was once my 15 minutes of bad news from around the world, turned into Disney Junior and Vampirina. WHile Vampirina is an entertaining cartoon, it covers issues that affect our children every day.

Vampirina on Disney Junior

The backstory to Vampirina is that she and her parents are vampires from Transylvania. Herself and parents have moved from their ghoulish neighbourhood and relocated a “normal” neighbourhood in Pennsylvania. Their intention is to run a B&B for visiting vampires and ghouls, called the Scare B&B. They got a bit of a culture shock when they landed in their new surroundings.

Vampirina has an important message that isn’t overlooked in our house. In the title song, one line is “I may be blue with Pointy teeth! Woh Oh Ohhh! Vampirina! But I’m not so different underneath!”. Although the premise is a monster in a human world. The same set up is everywhere for so many reasons. Whether it is someone who is new to the area, acts differently, looks differently or has spiritual beliefs that are different to your own.

A year ago, Imogen buddied up with a new girl in school. She’d relocated from a different school and didn’t know anyone. Her first school encourages children to mix with everyone. As this girl didn’t know anyone in the class, being accepted was important. As the year went on, the “New” girl is now one of Imogen’s Best Friends.

Celebrating our Differences

We received a parcel of Vampirina products from the Disney Store. This was the perfect opportunity to talk about our differences and why being different is “normal”. We talked about how we had some similarities and some differences, but are essentially the same. Both Imogen and Abigail have blonde hair, but the physical similarities end there. Imogen was very tall for her age, while Abigail was small for her age. Blue eyes vs Brown Eyes, Brave vs Nervous and patient vs frustrated.

Vampirina Toys

As sisters, there are times when they gel like the best of friends, but can also feel like they need some space. Understanding this is as important as being there all the time.

Vampirina Toys at the Disney Store

We decided to create an unboxing video of the Vampirina Products. I think that this has been one of the best we’ve made so far as the Hoopsters seemed to really enjoy the toys. Abigail is a big fan of little figures and plushes, while Imogen is more of a fan of activity kits. The Vampirina range covers a wide selection. Here is a link to the Vampirina range at the Disney Store.

Vampirina Toys at the Disney Store

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