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The Escape Game Orlando

I love a challenge and as it was my Birthday, I had one choice to make. What do I really want to do that is special and I’d not done before… in Orlando. OK, I’m lying the kids had the first choice of a day at Aquatica, but as it was packed on Labor Day Sunday and after queuing 40 minutes for a slide. Then for it to be shut down as there was lightning in the area. I got the second choice.

The Escape Game Orlando

I’ve done a couple of escape rooms in the past. Escape Key in Newcastle and Escape Rooms Durham, but I wanted more. I love analysing and working out problems. There was a point on our holiday that I started watching youtube videos of a guy solving puzzle boxes. So I started to check out the internet for an Orlando Escape Room. It wasn’t long before I also saw a video review showing elements of the Gold Rush room at The Escape Game Orlando. Attractions Magazine visited with a team of mixed experience escapees. It was suggested that Gold Rush was the “easiest” to solve out of the rooms available. As Catherine hadn’t done one before and we had the kids I felt this was the better option.

The Gold Rush Escape Room

Before I dive too far into this, I will say that I’ll hold back enough detail to not give too much away, but hopefully, describe the experience.

The Escape Game Orlando
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The Escape Game Orlando operated a shared experience policy. This means that if you book into a room with 4 people, there is a chance that you will be joined by another 4 people. Each room holds up to 8. I was hoping that we’d be alone to give the kids space to explore. When we checked in to the reception area we found out that we were to be joined by 2 older ladies and a young couple. We had a few minutes to get to know each other. The Ladies had done rooms before, but we only got a quick hello from the couple.

We were lead to the room where our game master introduced the game and played a video, explaining the story. Briefly comprising of a Gold Mine owner had built up gambling debts and was being chased by the mob to retrieve the debts. If we didn’t escape within the hour we would be mistaken for part of his crew.

We were then left to our own devices, which were torches! Escape Rooms have a trend now to have multiple rooms and this is no different. Your starting point is outside the gold miners cabin in the woods. The setup was so immersive, dimly lit, trees, grass and a locked door on the cabin. It took around 15 minutes to get into the cabin, but we did ask for 1 clue.

The next part was a bit of a whirlwind as I found stuff, worked out that they were part of a code, but then our group opened a lock. Catherine spotted a clue, then quickly realised it was a series of clues. And you really did need to look everywhere.

The final stage and the exit I’ll keep secret, but it was impressive and the kids were buzzing. We escaped with 12 minutes remaining and an upbeat feeling of accomplishment.

The Escape Game Orlando

The Escape Game Orlando Review

Our experience of their “easiest room” was impressive. The detail and depth of theme were brilliant. The rooms contained a lot of technology that was behind the scenes, which turned a simple treasure hunt into a fun adventure. It was more in-depth than simply finding 4 numbers and looking for a lock, followed by another 3 or 4 number lock. Puzzle elements, Scavenger hunting, a skill game, maths problems, and small physical challenge.

If I was staying longer in Orlando I’d have booked up for a second game. Which incidentally I would have got 20% of our next booking if booked up while there. The cost of the experience was $31.99 per person including children. If you keep your eyes peeled it is possible to find coupons in the coupon books you find located around Orlando, but we didn’t realise we had one until after the event.

All of the Hoopers felt that they contributed and enjoyed the game. Abigail found a key on the floor, which helped push the game on. However, we were joined by an Alpha male, who did take control and lead the game on. We opened a cupboard to reveal a maths puzzle, but I had to squeeze my head past to have a look in. Where the current action was our team leader was in that spot. This meant that we looked elsewhere to find the next part.

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