The Hoopers March

North Shields Sunset

Can you believe it March is finished. We’re a quarter of the way through 2017 already! It’s moving too fast. Here is a round up of the highlights of our March Adventures.

Then after we’ve added the items that didn’t make it into a stand alone blog post.


Italian Restaurant Gosforth High Street

Oli’s and Joe Gosforth

We ran into the Beginning of March with a Birthday night out for my Mum. Oli’s and Joe has opened up on Gosforth High Street, in the old Classico’s venue. The food on offer is pretty much standard Italian, but we had a surprising BLUE desert!


Strawberry Milk Shake

Great British Cupcakery Afternoon Tea

Abigail was so lucky this month. What was intended as a special Mothers Day treat, turned into a Daddy Daughter Day instead. We had already booked in to the Great British Cupcakery for Afternoon tea, so it only seemed right that we enjoyed it.



We hadn’t really embraced Youtube as much as we could have so March was the month that we tried it out properly. Our Channel is if you would like to subscribe 🙂

Our first production was an Easter Egg Haul.

Followed by the Marmite Easter Egg tasting challenge.

Marmite Easter Egg

The Marmite Easter Egg Challenge

Can you believe that they actually made a marmite Easter egg? DO you love it or Hate it?


Letterbox Lab

Letterbox Lab Review

Our Final big video for the Month was for Letterbox Lab. We had been given their two levels of subscription box to try out. Each box contained everything that you need to do the experiments including the Safety Goggles, Gloves and safety Scissors. The kits included a workbook and pencil too.

Imogen’s kit contained more grown up experiments and we captured her reactions quite well on the video.


Something New

Danny Adams and Graeme Shaw

Magicbox Grand Opening

I went down to the opening of the new Magicbox store. The new store has so much parking it should be easy to pop in and buy an item now. Their previous store on Percy Street was great, but being in the centre of town had it’s associated issues.

I got talking to Danny Adams at the party, but was gutted that I’d left my iPhone at home. There was no Selfies with my DSLR camera unfortunately.


Bank of Dad Books

The Bank of Dad

The Bank of Dad opened it’s first two bank accounts. This was a savings solution to teach the kids about saving money. Which also helps out the issue of pocket money day when you the parent have no cash on you. Instead of saying I’ll pay you next week. Simple Pay it direct into the Bank of Dad account. We’ve heard of a couple of people who have adopted the bank and so far its running well.


Beamish Wild School Holiday Camps

Beamish Wild School Holiday Camps

We got up early on a Sunday to sample the Beamish Wild School Holiday Camp itinerary. They have lots of outdoor activities to take part in. Our day involved, Crate Stacking, Tree Climbing, Archery and Den Building. The day was fun and Abigail loved it.


What the Hoopers left out from March.


Moana Limited Edition Doll

We were introduced to the Limited edition Moana Doll from the Disney Store.

Moana Doll Limited Edition

This Doll is the cutest i’ve seen recently from them. Much better than the giant headed Emma Watson / Belle Doll.

The detailing is amazing in this Limited Edition Doll. Around her neck is an opening locket which houses the Heart of Te Fiti.

Moana Doll Limited Edition

My all time favourite detail was the sandy feet she has. Shimmering crystal white sand all over her feet.

Moana Doll Limited Edition



We were at the Garden Centre many times. This year our plan is to try and grow some vegetables from seed. We’ve never actually managed to do this yet as we usually forget to water them. This year we have a plan of farmer rotation. The Kids can earn extra pocket money for helping out in the farm!


I’ll be making a separate post about our Veg Patch later this month.


Thanks again for your support in March, we really appreciate all of your comment and interactions. Although we create this blog mainly for ourselves, it is fantastic that you’ve taken the time to read it.
I wonder what April will bring us?

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