Stikbot Farm Movie Set Review

Stikbot Farm Movie Set Review

We’d seen Stikbot in various forms in the shops and knew the concept of the product. For anyone who isn’t familiar with it, Stikbot is a posable figure for creating stop motion animation. It is possible to create stop motion with normal toys. Stikbot has the addition of suction cups to its hands and feet, meaning it will hold steadier and hold onto things.

We were offered the chance to review a Stikbot Farm Movie Set kit from Brainstorm Ltd, which we were interested in, to try out the Stikbot Movie production.

Stikbot Farm Movie Set Unboxing

The Stikbot Farm Movie Set comes in a very flat package. In fact, I think I’ve seen standalone Stickbot figures in thicker boxes than this one. The entire kit comes as slot together flat pack scenery made from foam board.

Within the Kit you get 1 x Stikbot, 12 x accessories, 1 x Stikbot Farm Set, clothing sticker set, and 4 x Stikbot hand adapters.

The Stikbot Farm Set is split over 3 large foam boards. The ground foam board is a reversible Springtime / Autumn design, while the other 2 are pop out pre-cut construction pieces.

Stikbot Farm Movie Set Review

The Stikbot character is packaged up with the 12 farm related accessories, including a hoe, spade, rake, hammer and saw. General tools that would potentially be required on a farm. There is also a set of clothing and facial changes that are simply stickers that are fitted to the front of the Stikbot.

Stikbot Farm Movie Set Review

With Stikbot’s hand adapter, he can easily hold onto the Hammer to fix up his smallholding dream farm.

Stikbot Farm Movie Set Review

All the buildings, trees, planters and vehicles slot together relatively easily. Abigail and I worked as a team and built the farm up in around 30 minutes. The vehicles were slightly more difficult than the Farm House, but the end results were impressive. As we added more items to the flat base you could really see it coming together.

Stikbot Farm Movie Set Review

With the Farm fully built up, it was time to start calling “Action” on set. We downloaded the Stikbot Studio App, worked out a story to tell and slowly pulled together the movie.

Stikbot Farm Movie Set Review

Stikbot Farm Movie Set Review

Stikbot animation is something that we wanted to try and with the kids getting more into filming and production, they understood what it was all about. I know that not everyone is creative/arty enough to build their own movie sets from scratch, which is where this comes into its own.

We were impressed to see how much was packed into this small box.

The Construction pieces were precision cut and cracked out of the boards with ease. We didn’t have any torn print work or misaligned joining tabs. Putting the kit together took around 30 minutes. Which was a pleasurable bonding moment. Abigail loves imaginative play and while we both put the pieces together, she aligned them into the farm base.

If I’m totally honest, for us we would have been happy if this is where the fun ended. We’d created a play world where Abigail was working out what was possible. Stikbot’s suction hands could climb the roof, open the doors and windows or hold on to the tools. She added cut out vegetables to the truck and wheelbarrow and raised planters.

All that was left to do was create a stop-motion animation film. This was a little frustrating at times, but the app has a good ghosting feature to help line up the animation.

Stikbot Farm Movie Set Video

Both Abigail and I really enjoyed working with Stikbots. It is an intensive challenge posing the Stikbot for the animation but well worth the effort in the end.

Stikbot Farm Movie Set is one of a few different sets available. For more details visit

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