Is the School of Rock Musical London Kid Friendly?

Is School of Rock the Musical suitable for kids

The School of Rock Musical London wasn’t on our todo list. We’d planned on fun outdoor sightseeing. After our riverboat cruise in the rain, walk through Canary Wharf in the rain and Trip to the Museum through the rain, we created a new plan. What was meant to be fun sightseeing activities turned into how can we fill in the time indoors? So we looked for a last-minute set of tickets to School of Rock the Musical.

School of Rock Musical London Review

The School of Rock Musical didn’t appeal to me! There are several reasons and I hate to say it, but one of them is the Chicken Tikka Masala Syndrome! If I’m paying to see a show (which we were) I want to enjoy it, so the thought of shelling out £200 for a step into the unknown was tough. I’d happily watch Phantom, Les Mis or The Last Ship over and over again, but this wasn’t about me it was about the kids. The kids wanted to see it, but they didn’t really know much about the show. What appealed to them was that it had school in the title and it had kids in the photos.

School of Rock the Musical

Our Last minute Tickets were £50 each. We selected three together and a single seat. To be fair we were lucky to get that. There were a few cheaper tickets further back, but I’m wary about the cheap seats. These seats were to the right of the stage in the stalls but had an excellent view. Which I will add that it looked as though all the seats would have had a good view of the stage. No columns or obstructions.

School of Rock Musical

The lights dimmed and the show began. An announcement from Andrew Lloyd Webber is played.

“One of the most asked questions that he is asked is if the Kids actually play the instruments live on stage… YES, THEY DO!”

The scenery moved and a Long-haired rock group wailed and squealed their rock songs. Of course, there was going to be Rock music, but why had I not really thought that. I sat there thinking my girls aren’t going to get this at all. It was a fair step away from their Capital Radio pop music.

As the story evolved we find out that the Dewey Finn (Jack Black’s character in the film) is a renting a room from his school buddy and wife. But is well behind on the rent. His final chance to try and settle the debt is to win the battle of the bands contest. Which would be great if he hadn’t just been kicked out of his rock band. Until he answers the phone for a work placement intended for his housemate. A teacher at the prestigious school Horace Green.

Over the remainder of the show, Dewey Finn manages to convert the class into a band. From their competitive gold star grading system, into a single project driven team as a rock band.

School of Rock Musical London

Is the School of Rock Musical Kid Friendly?

On the whole, the production is kid friendly. There are a couple of fruity words used, but as a production, they don’t seem out of place. Then when you compare it to words our kids have heard, they have heard much worse!

Stephen Leask (Dewey Finn) totally owns the role, he is more Jack Black than Jack Black! The modern references to real current life bring in an excellent stamp. Is there another musical in the West End that References Fidget Spinners?

My initial rock concerns were passed as our girls were absolutely absorbed in the story and music. Abigail was smiling throughout. Imogen seemed to love it. I couldn’t stop the eye water dripping! No idea why, but the emotive story, quick-witted humour, and amazingly talented kids hit it off. During the final part of the show at the Battle of the bands, the in House Band, stand up and cheer on the kid’s band. Emphasising that they are actually playing their own music.

School of Rock Musical London

I now have three musicals I’d happily watch over and over again. The kids have been streaming the album on Apple music on loop ever since. Fingers crossed for it touring the UK soon.

For more information about School of Rock, visit their website



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