Ralph Breaks the Internet in 4DX

Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

We continued on from or Morning at the Santa’s List Escape Room in the Gate. Next stop was to see Ralph Breaks the Internet at Cineworld. Our tickets were paid for with our Vitality Insurance, however, it is now possible to pay for upgrades to your ticket. For example, for a couple of pound extra, you can go to a 3D version of the film. When we were looking at the options I saw a 4DX screening. Not really knowing what this was we booked it for an upgrade cost of £4 per person.

What is a 4DX Screen?

Ralph Breaks the Internet 4DX

It probably stans for 4D Extreme, or similar. Essentially it is a 3D film with the addition of a moving seat and extra environmental effects within the viewing area. If you’ve been to any of the theme parks that show a 4D film, it is like this. You could get a spritz of water in the face, scents wafted past, flashing lights, snow, bubbles, fog, and leg ticklers. So I can see how this works on a 15-minute theme park attraction, but how will it add to a 2-hour feature film?

Ralph Breaks the Internet in 4DX

6 years ago we saw Wreck it Ralph in the cinema. Abigail was a little too young to remember it, so the connection between films has been lost on her. Catherine enjoyed it, but I LOVED it! The original film was full of super nerdy computer game/film references that if you knew the references were really good.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

I was hoping that the Sequel would be exactly the same. A review I read before our visit said that it was over-commercialised and full of advertising. As always this wouldn’t sway my opinion, but I was prepared to be aware of this.

Ralph (of Wreck it Ralph Game) and Vanelope (Sugar Rush) start off in Litwack’s arcade and it feels like the original is back. Their friendships are as strong as ever and Ralph bends over backward to make sure she is happy. Then one day a new device is plugged into the mains at the arcade. Hoping that it would be a new arcade game, the pair decides to check it out, to find it is actually the WIFI router for the Internet.

4DX – As the camera zoomed into scenes in a cinematic motion, the seats followed by leaning you forward slightly. Likewise, as the shots panned down they slightly tilted backward. Nothing major, but good additional stimulation to the experience. The seats sprung into life when Vanelope was racing in Sugar Rush though, complete with potential spritz as she spins into the mud etc.

The duo gets swept up and transported onto the internet, which is represented by a huge city/shopping mall. The place is full or avatar versions of the real world users. And as the review, I read said it was full of advertising. Brands like Google, Netgear, Disney OMG, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, IMDB and so many more. However, I have no issue with this as you can’t really tell an internet-based story without all of these being integral parts of the setting.

There is a handful of laugh out loud moments that internet users will realize. I also loved the idea of the pop-up advertising reference as really push salespeople on the street.

As the film moves on there is more racing involved which meant we got our moneys worth from the seating.

The bond between Ralph and Vanelope is tested over the course of the film and in true Disney tradition, you actually connect to the characters. The highlight for me was as I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes I looked over to Abigail, who also was wiping a few away.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Easter Eggs

As you can imagine the film is full of them. whether it is an online company advertising or other film property references. Stan Lee is captured in one scene, as is Iron Man, Kermit the Frog, Baymax, Groot, R2D2, C3PO, Miranda Sings, Fortnite and loads more. There is even a journey into the Dark web!!

One little highlight is a Disney Princess section, that sort of mocked the backstories of all the princesses. And Cinderella is vicious when ready for battle smashing up the glass slippers ready to glass Vanelope!

Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

A central part of the film is a parallel video streaming site called BuzzTube. Where they look at trending video content styles, including chili pepper eating videos and unboxings.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

As a family we each got something different out of the film. The kids loved the Disney references, while the Internet references tickled me and Cat more. We connected to the characters and the story was fast paced enough to not had a shuffling in the seat moment. Although I feel that the original Wreck it Ralph was slightly better, 6 years on this was a very good sequel. Breaking the borders between other films/ game properties is one thing, but incorporating modern real life is a step ahead.

There are several moments where I can see comparisons to Zootopia / Zootropolis, which lifts the animated movie up a notch from kids film. I wouldn’t rush back to see Ralph Breaks the Internet, but I would be keen to see it on Blu Ray. Although that’s mainly so I can pause it and look for easter eggs.

After 2 hours in a moving seat, I loved the additional elements it brought to the film. For me, it wasn’t too intense that I got seasick. Catherine on the other hand towards the end started to feel a little motion sick, but not enough to leap out the seat and stop the experience. We’ll keep our eyes on what else will be in 4DX in the future.


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