Puppy Dog Pals Toys

Puppy Dog Pals Toys

Last Christmas we introduced two little tiny dwarf hamsters into our family. Two adorable little balls of fluff. We never really knew that over the following few months we’d find out that they have two different personalities. The Hoopster Hamsters (when no one is looking) are seriously training for something!

We received a bundle of Puppy Dog Pals toys from the Disney Store. The bundle included figures, super cute plush and a lunch bag with two different drinks bottles. Puppy Dog Pals is a series on Disney Junior. It covers the adventures of two puppy dog Pugs. When their owner Bob leaves for work they start on their new adventures. The show focuses on friendships and problem solving, both great assets to encourage in our young kid’s development.


Puppy Dog Pals Disney Store Merchandise

Abigail is a huge fan of soft cuddly animals and these super cute plush Pug Puppies are so adorable. Their fur is so soft and their large eyes have sparkly embroidery on them. It’s hard to not fall in love with them, even if you haven’t watched the associated cartoon.

Puppy Dog Pals Toy Plush

The Figure set is so detailed. I loved the paintwork and style of all of the Disney Store’s figure sets. They are a lovely collectible item. Abigail loves developing imaginative play with little characters like this. She will spend hours creating stories and plays as she moves the figures around. The set includes Bob, Rolly and Bingo, their pet cat Hissy, Bob’s robot dog friend A.R.F. as well as the antagonists Rufus and Cupcake.

Puppy Dog Pals Toy Figures

Even Our Dwarf Hamster Nibbles enjoyed meeting the Puppy Dog Pals

Nibbles and Puppy Dog Pals

Finally, the Puppy Dog Pals Lunch Bag and Drinks bottles were a nice addition to the bundle. The Backpack lunch bag is a brilliant size for a school bag. Rolly and Bingo feature on the back as the main design, with their cute pug ears sticking out from the sides. EIther side of the bag is a stretchy net area, designed for holding the drinks bottles. So you can easily set up your child on an adventure of their own with plenty of refreshments and snacks.

Puppy Dog Pals Toys Lunch Bag


Do Our Pets Have Their Own Adventures?

One of the strangest things we discovered about our hamsters is their acrobatic skills. Although this mainly happens when we’re not looking. If we were to spot them and grab the phone out to video they stop what they are doing and turn back into little munching dwarf hamsters. We seriously believe they are in training for a hamster version of Ninja Warrior! Coco our tan and brown Dwarf hamster scale the sides of the cage and swings the monkey bars across the full cage. It really is impressive to watch. Nibbles our light coloured Dwarfs Hamster with Pink eyes is generally more laid back, but after a recent cage upgrade with extra tunnels, she has turned into a true athlete.


Our Hoopster Hamster’s Secret Life & Unboxing Puppy Dog Pals

This inspired us to create a Hoopster video, to show the unboxing of the above-mentioned items and depict what we believe the Hamsters are in training for.

The Puppy Dog Pals merchandise is available from the Disney Store.
Puppy Dog Pals Lunch Bag
Puppy Dog Pals Drinks Bottles (Rolly Top Water Bottle and Puppy Dog Pals Flip Top Water Bottle)
Puppy Dog Pals Plush Rolly and Bingo

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