Marmite Easter Egg

Marmite Easter Egg

Have you seen the Marmite Easter Egg? Can you even believe that there is such a thing. I mean there are those that Love Marmite and those that Hate it. Yet I’ve never met anyone that was a Lover of Marmite, if it was mixed into an Easter Egg!

Marmite Easter Egg

I’ll take you back a few days to a crazy idea I had with the kids. As we’re going to be away for Easter, I thought we’d go Egg crazy early. With a fake go pro attached to the trolley, I let them choose any egg / eggs they wanted. I have a total value in my head and I’ll be honest… we reached that quite quickly. I noticed the majority of the eggs they picked up were novelty style. Things like Trolls, Barbie and My Little Pony.

Then I spotted the Marmite Easter Egg! I’m sure if I posted this at the beginning of April, you would have thought it was a joke or April Fools. Sadly it was no joke. I was drawn to it like a slowly unfolding disaster. Maybe if I sneak it into the trolley the kids won’t notice it!

Easter Egg Craziness

The trolley full of eggs became the basis of our Sunday morning and afternoon. We learned a lot from it and had great fun in the process.

One thing that we learned was that most of the novelty Easter Eggs are made by a company called Kinnerton. We also learned that certain brands of eggs have trademark patterns on the eggs eggsterior. The kids chose a selection of eggs covering various ranges, from teh cheaper £1 eggs up to the luxury Belgian chocolate ones.

We also decided that the amount of eggs we’d bought was too much, so on the video we have 4 Easter Eggs up for grabs.

The Marmite Easter Egg Challenge

It started to become obvious that the kids didn’t want to try the marmite Easter Egg. Surely it can’t be that bad. Even though I’m not a Marmite fan, it sounded like it could be fun. Have you ever tried chilli chocolate or salted chocolate. It all sounds like it could be from a similar food grouping. The only way Imogen and Abigail was going to try the chocolate was if we made it into a Youtube Challenge. So this is what we did!

I won’t spoil the outcome of the video, but I’ll say that the Marmite Egg is patterned and looks very much like an egg from other ranges. So it was very easy to pass the chocolate off as normal. He He!

Let us know if you’ve tried the Marmite Egg and if you loved it or Hated it!



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  1. It is bloomin’ EGGcellent! I hadn’t seen them before & was in Morrisons in Eccles, thought I’d have a glass or two of red after work, like a few squares of dark chocolate with them too, never drink on an empty stomach. ‘drink sensibly!’
    I ventured into the aisle & there they were ‘Seasonal Sweets;’ most of the other eggs were in a deleted state of affairs, 3 for £10 and other offers, a customer said to me, “Looks like we’ve left it a little too late. Only the dregs for us!” Not at all mon ami! Nobody had touched the ones singing out to me like a chorus of Angels ‘Marmite Easter Eggs!’ Surely not? Maybe this was a TV stunt and Davina or Jason Manford were going to speak to me & offer me money to convince others to devour one! NO! This was genuine, no set up, actual real life! Had a look to see if it came with anything; maybe some breakfast hotel style mini Marmites, no! Just Marmite & chocolate in an egg! What’s to lose? Nothing apart from £3.33 (remember the offer!)

    Well, my mouth is still watering with the savoury tang of that yeasty flavour, still there. I would wash it down with a glass of red, have work though. Could always take a marmiduvet day!

    Anyways, thank you for this. Please not just once a year! PLEASE!

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