Magicbox Newcastle New Store – Opening Night

Magicbox Newcastle

A couple of weeks ago I shared my interest in magic and a little bit about my magic related history. Touching upon how my Dad encouraged me with learning and performing tricks etc. Well, my hobby crossed over into my daytime job as a sign maker. This week I’be been making signs for Magic Box Newcastle.

Magicbox Newcastle

About 25 years ago, my Dad was asked to provide a sign for Magicbox’s new store on Percy Street. The sign was huge Black acrylic panels with the Letters in brightly coloured boxes. As my Dad loved to push clichés, I think it also had a rabbit, possibly in a box too. Which to be fair does say magic shop. About 10 years ago I was then asked to update the shop fascia and created new signs for them. Which also reignited my interest in Magic.

There is something amazing when you perform a trick that you have practised so many times. Everything goes to plan and any gimmickry/trickery is invisible. You create a moment that for a moment leave someone confused/baffled, but generally leaves them amazed, humoured and entertained. Needless to say, I used to spend a lot of money on Magic from Magicbox’s Website.

Magicbox Newcastle – New Store Opening Night

Magicbox have closed their original store on Percy Street and relocated to Strand House, Camperdown. The New Unit is a lot bigger than the previous store and the upstairs area has a space for performances/lectures. It also has room to display magic props in more space. If you imagine what Olivander’s was like in Harry Potter, well that was the Percy Street Shop. The New Shop in Camperdown is more like the Apple Store (without the computers)… in terms of space!

Magicbox Displays

The Opening night was open to everyone and includes, drinks and nibbles, Magic Demonstrations, opening night discounts and a Mini Cabaret.

Clive Richardson Magicbox

Magicbox Card Table

I had a wander around the store to see what was on display, but I have to say it was packed. The demonstration area was very busy and the seats in the lecture/performance area were nearly all gone.

Magicbox Mini Cabaret

The Mini Cabaret started at 7:30 pm with a cutting of the chord dedication. Clive Richardson and Graeme Shaw thanked everyone who had helped in creating Magicbox what it has become today. The stage was then passed on to Tony Parx, who performed 3 routines, each quite fast hitting.

Next up was Kennedy the Mind Reader. Again as it is a small world my Dad helped create a prop for Kennedy about 10 years ago. Kennedy’s special area of magic is mentalism/mind reading. He’s quick-witted and keeps the pace moving. His routine included a tossed out deck where he names randomly selected cards.

Kennedy the Mind Reader

His finale was mind reading from two audience members, that chose a word from a random page in a book. An elaborate path leads to revealing the prediction and was absolutely brilliant.

Next up was Ross McClean, who is a member of the Neptune Magic Society.

Magicbox Ross McClean

The Neptune Magic Society was mentioned several times as they are to hold their junior meetings at Magicbox on Saturday Mornings. If Imogen wasn’t at Gymnastics, I would be interested to see if she fancied it.

Finally was Chris Cross. Chris performed an escapology routine. Where he escaped from a straight jacket in 1 minute 30 seconds.

Magicbox Chris Cross

His connection with the audience was amazing. He picked out several people and commented on different things, which create a buzz. He even picked out me “The Camera guy” and lay on the floor and stuck some poses. His energy was brilliantly times for the Cabaret finale.

Danny Adams

The room was filled with people from the North East’s Magic Circles and people who loved magic. Graeme pointed out that there was also a Celebrity in the room, Danny Adams. Since seeing Clive Web and Danny Adams in Butlins, I have to say I’m a huge fan.

If I had my phone with me I’ve had took a selfie, but I settled for testing out my Nikon D3300 with a proper photo!

Danny Adams and Graeme Shaw

It was nice to chat with all the Magicbox guys and see how their business is moving forward. The new store has so much potential and the addition of the performance area will be a great asset, as is the space.

Their new address is Magic Box Newcastle, Unit 3, Strand House, Locomotion Way, Camperdown Industrial Estate, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 5US

Check out their website or pop in to see the huge collection of book and tricks that now display.

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