Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader | Kinetic Rock Playset Review

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

Where have I been living for the past few years? I mean we’ve had slime and squished it. Then squashed it into the carpet and ruined any amount of clothes. Kinetic Rock is a miracle product that I wish we’d found much earlier.

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

We were given the Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader to review. We’ve not had any of the Kinetic products before so have not experienced the feeling of Kinetic Sand. Though we have been told that Kinetic Rock is the same, but made with real rock instead!

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

Inside this playset is a packet of Gold Kinetic Rock, a Digger truck, 3 interchangeable attachments (Scoop Bucket, Drilling Rig, and Digging Chisel) and a little tiny posable man with tools chest, shovel and a pickaxe (complete with safety helmet). These both take a little assembly, but our Hoopsters manages to clip the together quite quickly. They were also desperate to break open the bag of the kinetic rock.

Gold Kinetic Rock

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

It’s amazing how simple things entertain our kids. As soon as the bag was opened they split it into two portions. This was then followed by around 15 minutes of silent squishing. There is something strangely satisfying squeezing this stuff into shapes and pulling it apart. It feels like it should be sticky, but it doesn’t leave any sticky residue. I could start to understand why Kinetic Sand is the number one selling sand brand in the UK. As a child, they love it for its squishiness, as a parent I love it as it’s not messy.

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

Through a little experimenting, we created a mini-game. Hiding a large silver diamond (from the kit) in the gold rock. Using only the pick axe or shovel see how quick we could find the Diamond.

Imogen loved the tactile nature of the product. Abigail on the other hand really got into the playset as a whole. Using the digger to scoop up the rock. Drilling with the attachment rigg and stomping the man around the building site.

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

Finally, it was time to clear up and I’ll admit I got lazy. I left the Gold Kinetic Rock on the table and forgot to put it in a bag or container. We went away for the weekend and I came back to the mess I’d left. I fully expected the rock to be dried out and ruined, but it was as good as the day we got it out of the sealed bag. This is one of the key benefits of the product. As it doesn’t dry out or go hard it’s not likely to stick to things and become hard to remove. A quick scooping with my hand pulled it all together and it’s ready for next time.


Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader Video Unboxing.

Key Product Information

The Kinetic Sand 3 in 1 Loader is available form all good toy retailers.
It is priced at £16.99 and is designed for children aged 3 years +

For more information about Kinetic sand or Kinetic Rock
visit their website:

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