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Lewis Denny Karen the Mam Alnwick

This year we stumbled upon something special. Something that really tickled Catherine, yet remained relatable. Lewis Denny, star of the Tyne Theatre Pantomime, created and released a second persona, Karen the Mam. With over 500,000 views on the video, you could say that the sketch was a success!

Several more videos followed and then came the announcement of a Live event in Alnwick. Unfortunately, we were booked to be away that night and it looked like we were going to be missing out. However the event sold out quickly, so Lewis released tickets for a second Karen the Mams Night In… Out! a few weeks later. We bought tickets straight away and worried about the logistics about getting to Alnwick afterwards.

The Northumberland Hall, Alnwick

The Northumberland Hall is located in the centre of Alnwick (not where our Sat Nav took us). Really handy for parking on that ridiculously steep cobbled parking slab. Entry to Karen the Mam’s Night In… Out! was at 7:00pm so we arrived promptly and loitered around outside, wait to be let it.

Upon entry, we were greeted at the top of the stairs with a voucher for a free Gin cocktail, made with Alnwick Gin. The set up was done for speed, ease and value. Beyond the Gin Cocktails, you could purchase wine by the bottle and the prices were very reasonable. Unfortunately, I was driving so I nursed a glass of wine as Cat quaffed the rest.

Lewis Denny Karen the Mam Alnwick

For a Mam’s night out there was a good mix of men and women in the room. Even though the first night there was only a couple of men that turned up. I wasn’t alone.

Lewis is well versed in entertainment, beyond being a staple at the Tyne Theatre Panto, he also performs on cruise ships and resorts as part of a vocal group called “The Troubadours”.

Lewis Denny Karen the Mam Alnwick

Karen the Mam and Alnwick Gin

I’ll own up straight away that Catherine and myself don’t like Gin! Despite it being the en trend beverage of the nation, we just couldn’t get into it. Generally, I think it tastes like licking hairspray. However… The Alnwick Gin cocktails didn’t taste like gin. And they tasted refreshingly fruity and I could have drunk them all night if I wasn’t the dedicated driver.

Lewis Denny Karen the Mam Alnwick

Karen the Mam Live!

After cramming in as many of the videos online I was fluent with Karen-isms. But I really didn’t know what to expect from the live setup. And I really didn’t expect one of the first things that started the night.

Lewis Denny Karen the Mam Alnwick

A Fashion show! Local clothes shop, Boutique Ravello started the night off showcasing a range of casualwear, compared by Karen the Mam. There were multiple models and changes, while Karen commented in a not so serious way. I’ll not say that he was mocking them, but it felt more relaxed. Almost like a friend had popped around to show off their latest purchases from town.

And I think this is one of the key things that I picked up from the night. The relaxed nature of Karen the Mam, made it feel like it wasn’t a stand up one-person show, but more of an informal gathering of friends. The humour is all relatable and works really well with a room of Mams (& Dads). Karen tells some hilarious tales of her life with her long-suffering husband Jimmy, best pal ‘Donna’ & arch-nemesis ‘Sharon from work’ who always tries to get one up on her. “If you’ve been to Tenerife……Sharon has been to Eleven-erife”

Lewis Denny Karen the Mam Alnwick

Lewis Denny

As Karen the Mam rushed off to bring on her “friend” Lewis Denny, the night changed from Stand up, audience participation to singing and dancing. The area in front of the stage was mobbed as Lewis sang party favourites including “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and the Killer’s hit “Human”.

Lewis Denny Karen the Mam Alnwick

It didn’t take Cat long to get into the spirit of the night and bopped around for a few songs.

Lewis Denny Karen the Mam Alnwick
Lewis Denny Karen the Mam Alnwick

Karen the Mam’s Christmas Cracker

From the success of these two Nights Karen the Mam is hosting a festive night out in Alnwick again. This time the Christmas Cracker will be on the 29th November 2019 again at The Northumberland Hall. See an eye out on Lewis’ channels for more info on how to buy tickets.

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