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Kaltur Spanish Tapas Dean Street Newcastle

Kaltur has opened a new venue on Dean Street. This is in addition to their Kaltur on High Bridge unit. We’d visited the original and loved the food, so as a special wedding anniversary treat we headed out to Dean Street to get some Spanish Tapas.

A Special Spanish Tapas Treat

The new Kaltur on Dean Street is in the venue directly opposite the Dean Street Multi Story Car Park. The building is clad in a red sandstone / clay tiles and fits in perfectly with their style. Even though this is what the shop has always looked like on the outside.

Kaltur Tapas Restaurant Newcastle

Inside is a light interior, with lots of tables and high seating at the kitchen counter. Downstairs is more seating and a second bar. I would guess at there being three times the capacity of the High Bridge unit. As the tables are set out close together, it doesn’t take much before a bustling atmosphere to set in. It

Kaltur Tapas Restaurant Newcastle

To start with we wanted to try a nice Spanish red wine. I’ll admit not being an expert, but I know Rioja is a good wine that we’ve had before. Being hypercritical I selected the second cheapest one. The Crianza Valserrano, which had been aged in oak barrels.

Kaltur Tapas Restaurant Newcastle

As the wine was arriving and we were checking out the Tapas menu, a small plate of nibble arrived. I was in heaven! All the items on this plate is what I love about these types on places. Pickled gherkins, olives, things that look like a chilli, but are grape shaped, sliced meaty sausage and some tiny hard bread stick things.

Kaltur Tapas Restaurant Newcastle

The Tapas

First up we chose a charcuterie board. This was an expanded selection of our nibble plate. However this have the Iberico ham and a thickly sliced black sausage. More pickles and a couple of chillies.

Kaltur Tapas Restaurant Newcastle

Patatas Bravas. You can’t have a tapas meal without these and they were lush. Essentially little roast potatoes with tomato and a white sauce (possibly garlic mayo) over the top. If I was in here to graze, I could happily just have these to dishes on repeat.

Kaltur Tapas Restaurant Newcastle

Catherine wanted a prawn dish, so we opted for garlic prawns on bread. The bread (from memory) was slightly sweet, almost brioche / croissant, but that could have been from the sauce that was drizzled over the top.

Kaltur Tapas Restaurant Newcastle

Chicken Croquettes. Without sounding like my eldest daughter OH EM GEE! These were absolutely amazing and piping hot. So much flavour and a perfect mouthful. I will own up to the fact that the wine was starting to get the better of me around this point. So as I placed a whole croquette in my mouth a bit, the molten interior caught me by surprise. A swig of wine aided my burning mouth. However I repeated myself with the second one too.

Kaltur Tapas Restaurant Newcastle

We finally also chose a braised beef dish from the front of the menu. This was a “special”. Slow cooked beef, flaked up and served in a patty shape, on top of some crushed potatoes. Definitely a fork job and something that was totally different.
Both Cat and myself wasn’t wowed by this dish, but that was possibly as it wasn’t what we expected in Tapas. This was more of a course in a meal, while the rest were essentially finger food / sharing bites.

Kaltur Tapas Restaurant Newcastle

Just as we were finishing up and paying the bill, we were given 2 glasses of dessert wine to celebrate our Anniversary.

This was very sweet, much sweeter than we’d have chosen our selves. Catherine’s description of “Liquid Sultanas” summed in it perfectly.

Kaltur Tapas Restaurant Newcastle

The bill came to £72, which is what we’d expect to pay for a meal out for the two of us. The Rioja wine was amazing and we still haven’t had a bad one.

Kaltur Tapas Restaurant Newcastle

Kaltur is open during the day for breakfasts, lunch and evening dinner. For us, the evening session was enough to escape Newcastle and imagine we’d gone on holiday for a few hours. We’d arrived at 7:30 pm and it was 9:30 pm as we were leaving. The staff were attentive, but at the same time, we weren’t being hassled or rushed. I’d actually quite like a glass of wine and grazing on a meat board next time as part of a night out.

Additional Information
Address: Dean Street 
Phone: 01914471180 
Email: deanstreet@kalturoil.com
We booked up about a week in advance and it seemed to fill up as we were there.


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  1. I’ve had a good nose through the window (just can’t help myself!) and it looks great, love how much more room there is than the original restaurant! Not sure when we’ll get round to trying, but hopefully soon!

    • I love how it’s quite light in there. Also, I originally thought the place was clad in limestone inside. It’s white-painted chipboard but looks very cool. The food is great and the wine is a-mazing.

  2. I’m heading here for NE1’s Restaurant Week and can’t wait to try it. Your positive blog post has gotten me even more excited! Will make sure to choose the chicken croquettes as well!

  3. “things that look like a chilli” — You mean capers? Good job you’re not a food critic…oh wait.
    “tiny hard bread stick things” — thanks for taking the time to find out the correct name.
    “a thickly sliced black sausage” — morcilla?
    “they were lush” — your descriptive scope is limited here.
    “I placed a whole croquette in my mouth a[nd] bit” — aren’t you the sophisticated one!
    “our selves” Psst. It’s one word. Ourselves.
    “I could happily just have these to dishes on repeat.” Two? 2?

    Otherwise, well done, I trust your judgement completely.

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