JoJo Siwa Microphone and Bodacious Bow

Jojo siwa microphone and bodacious bow

Not long now until Christmas and finding the right gifts is getting harder and harder. Abigail is insisting on a Dog or a Dog! So I’m sure anything less than canine, will not do, but since we started reviewing toys on The Hoopsters youtube channel we’ve found a collection of toys that seem to stick!

We were given the Jo Jo Siwa Bodacious Bow and Jo Jo Siwa Light up Microphone to test out. Jo Jo is one of our girls favourite Youtube stars, with nearly 4.8 million subscribers they are not alone!

Jojo Siwa and Nickelodeon Toys

Jo Jo Siwa Bodacious Bow

Jo Jo Bows have been part of our lives for nearly 2 years now. It’s crazy to think that something that was not heard of is now part of the norm.

JO JO bows

Jo Jo Siwa and Nickelodeon had created the Jo Jo Siwa Bodacious Bow and Abigail LOVES it! The Jo Jo Bow had the addition of a rainbow hair extension. The Bow has a cute heart print on it and we think it is larger than the normal bows. Instead of the metal crocodile clips it has a pink plastic wavy clip / grip.

Jojo Siwa Bodacious Bow

I’ll be honest there isn’t a great deal I can say about a hair accessory as I’m not a fashion blogger. However two days later she still had it in her hair.

JoJo Siwa Microphone

The JoJo Siwa Light-up Microphone held Abigail’s interest for much longer. Both the Hoopsters are musically obsessed. So as soon as she had a microphone in her hand she mimed any amount of songs.

JoJo Siwa Microphone

Pressing the blue button played a version so Jo Jo’s hit “Boomerang”, which Abigail mimed to.

BUT WAIT!! there is more

Jojo Siwa Microphone

We spotted there was a secret compartment at the back with an audio lead in it. Simply flip open the door and connect to your favourite mp3 player to play audio through the Microphone. There is a little tiny switch next to the battery compartment too that needs to be switched.

A few clicks later and our Apple Music was streaming through the hand mic. That was where we left it that night and our kids were enjoying their new gift.

JoJo Siwa Microphone is a Microphone!

We’d gone to bed thinking that the microphone was a speaker instead of a microphone! It was something that played on my mind overnight and I was going to look into it. The thing was it must have rattled Abigail too. 7.00am wake up call and Abigail had worked it out. The large button on the top activates the microphone feature when held in.

I really wish I was joking here when I say every word until it was school time came via the Jo Jo Mic!
“Wakey Wakey Daddy!”, “Is it time to get up yet?”. It went on.

We then worked out that the microphone also worked well with the mp3 tracks playing through as a background.

JoJo Siwa Microphone Review

The Age range these two items are aimed at is 3 – 8 years old. This is pretty accurate for our girls too. Imogen (aged 9) wasn’t that excited by them, while Abigail (aged 6) lapped them up. I think Imogen felt the bow was a toy, instead of a fashion accessory, which slightly turned her. Yet Abi saw a bow and rainbow hair and got straight into the package.

The Microphone took a little time to get activated, as we didn’t really read the instructions. Again it was more of a gift for Abigail, than Imogen. With singing seeming to be an in hot trend, I can see this being a great gift for any songstresses to find under the tree this year. Although it has held their interest, it will probably “lose it’s batteries” before then!

Both Items are available from Smyths Toys
The Jo Jo Siwa Microphone is priced at £14.99
The Jo Jo Siwa Bodacious Bow is priced at £14.99, but at the time of the review is discounted to £9.99

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