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Gosforth Palace / Poons Gosforth Review

Gosforth High Street offers a wealth of different restaurants. We’ve created a list and we’re trying to visit all Gosforth restaurants this year as a 2018 goal, starting with Gosforth Palace..

Gosforth Palace

Located just up off Gosforth High Street on Salters Road, Gosforth Palace is hard to miss. Previously called Poons Gosforth, in the old Globe Cinema / Bingo Hall, the huge building really stands out. The restaurant is on the first floor of the building, which is up a long flight of stairs. Which is why my elderly mother loves going! She is now starting to struggle with stairs and is quite nervous when it comes to them. When we go to the Gosforth Palace Chinese, she gets to ride on the stair lift (and she loves it!).

At the top of the stairs, you are greeted by the friendly staff, but also an impressive fish tank with side by lion guardians. Our kids love watching the fish and usually make several visits to watch them.

gosforth chinese

gosforth chinese

Chinese Restaurant Gosforth

Gosforth has a handful of Chinese takeaways, but there is only one actual sit down Chinese restaurant, that I’m aware of. Imogen loves Chinese food, especially noodles. Abigail, on the other hand, isn’t that keen. So we requested breaded chicken as an alternative for her. Catherine and I love most food and when it comes to Chinese food, we always have to have a set banquet.

Gosforth Palace Menu

To start with it has to be Chicken and Sweetcorn soup. I’m not sure if this is the right thing to do, but we do it anyway. Dipping prawn crackers in the soup! It seems to go so well, that we can’t help it. Maybe it’s a Hooper thing that soup of any kind need stuff dipped in it!

gosforth chinese

Salt and Pepper King Prawns with crispy seaweed. I’m all over this dish. The king prawns can be a little bit of roulette. When Imogen tried the first one, I warned her that it might be spicy hot. It wasn’t. My first one was salty and not so peppery, while the second one had that nice chilli kick.
The Crispy Seaweed isn’t as popular with the Hooper girls, but again I can’t stop picking at it with my chopsticks.

gosforth chinese

Next up with Aromatic Duck with Pancakes. This was the turning point for both our youngsters. Abigail that doesn’t like Chinese food, helped her self to lots of Duck. Imogen created the fattest duck wrap I’ve seen. Leaving Catherine and myself to pull the remainder to one side. Our banquet for two was able to feed 2 big uns plus 2 little uns with the duck portion.

gosforth chinese

With the Starters and appetisers out of the way, it was time for the main courses.

gosforth chinese

The big show-off dish of the night has to be Sizzling Steak in Black Bean Sauce. When the molten hot skillet enters the dining area everyone turns their head to see the steam billowing off the meal and the sizzling noise fills the room. The Steak is always very tender and I’ve not had a bad sizzling steak dish yet.

gosforth chinese

Imogen’s Chicken Chow Mein, was exactly what she wanted.    gosforth chinese

The Staff at Gosforth Palace were very accommodating serving Abigail, Lemon Chicken without the Lemon.gosforth chinese

Catherine chose Chicken with garlic and chilli. gosforth chinese

Even Pheobe, Abigails Our Generation Doll had a great night out.

gosforth chinese

Gosforth Palace Review

We have been coming to Gosforth Palace for years now. Originally going when it was called Poons a few years ago. I can never fault the quality of the food. The food always tastes fresh and crispy in the right places. We’ve previously noticed Chinese takeaways can leave a greasy after taste. There is no greasiness feeling left over from this place.
The staff are always very friendly and over the many years have gotten to know my parents. They always remember us when we visit and manage to cater to most enquiries. For example Abigail’s Non-Lemony Chicken or when my Dad ordered a set meal for 3 for 4!

The interior is huge and quite typical of a Chinese restaurant of this era. The dark red carpets and decor are a little dated, but the reason we keep coming back is down to the quality of the food. The convenience of the location makes it good for a night out, located near to the newly refurbished Gosforth Hotel.

Although we’ve started our 2018 Gosforth restaurant list here, I’m sure we’ll be back again before the end of the year.


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  1. Sounds great – got to say I’m with you when it comes to prawn crackers – I finished off a bowl of chicken and sweetcorn soup from the chinese last weekend without even using a spoon!

  2. My other half has always wanted to visit here but I was not sure what it was like. I think we will have to visit after reading this as I am a huge fan of Chinese food x

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