Finding Dory

FInding Dory

Finding Nemo was a surprise hit for me, we went to the Odeon at the Gate to see it (Before Children aka B.C.). I had expect to enjoy the rich colours and animation, but ended up being sucked into the story and actually laughing out loud. The Scene where Dory talks whale was the scene that literally had me choking and Catherine nudging me to be quiet.

But why was I already to hate Finding Dory?



The short that is on before Finding Dory is Piper. A story about sand piper birds as the beach. This is a simple, but a very amusing 5 minute cartoon. When it started I wasn’t sure if it was the beginning for Finding Dory or not, then I thought it was live action film. The Sandpipers pad around the seashore pecking the clams and molluscs from the sand. It is only when you are introduced to Piper the baby Sand Piper that you see that this is animation and not film.

Finding Dory.

Sequels are never as good as the original… unless that are a totally new story. Each Indiana Jones film tells a different adventure, Every James Bond has comparable parts, but is a different story. So to claim the above statement to be false, were looking for a new story.

After seeing the Good Dinosaur, I knew that the animation would have been upped in terms of quality. So I’ve got another raised bar that needs to be hit or cleared.

My last issue was that several years ago Disney released sequels just to make more money, was Finding Dory a cash cow movie for the studios or was it a sequel that needed to be told?

Ellen and the Finding Nemo Sequel

Ellen has a great sense of humour and obviously has a great following, but was also single-handedly marketing Finding Dory before it was conceived. Which is almost where I think the concept for the film came from.

I feel that the film was only created to give Ellen another chance to play Dory again!

The Fishy Tale

OK. I’ll stop the negativity for a little bit. Finding Dory covers that back story to Dory as a little Fishlet. She has a problem with her short term memory and forgets what she is doing very quickly. While playing hide and Seek with her parents she is separated from them, but also forgets about them. Some time goes by and BAM! Dory is hit in the head by a clown fish looking for his son Nemo.

This is an amusing nerdy section to the film where you go “ahhhh!” I see what they did there.

[Insert Finding Nemo Film Here]

After Nemo is returned safely home the story of Finding Dory continues.  This is where the story and main plot kicks in. Dory starts to get flash back of her life as a baby and remembers that she has parents. Insert the journey story here.


Finding Dory Seals

I knew the animation would be better and compared to the original Finding Nemo (which was brilliant visually), Finding Dory is leaps ahead. The Computer animation that is being produced now is as near to life like as you can get with a talking fish. Comparing the the animated short before the feature you can see that the animators can do life like, but to stop it being Wildlife on One stylise the marine life.

There are a handful of new characters that join the team, but excluding the sharks I think all the original fishy cast return for a cameo.

When it comes down to the over all film, I enjoyed it, my kids enjoyed it, but we didn’t love it. I don’t feel it added anything to the Finding Nemo universe. Personally I don’t think it needed to be made. Without handing out the spoilers, I was waiting for something to happen, which didn’t happen. A dark twist would have been good. The plot is a little too linear to grip you like the original film did. Which is where I leave by backing up “Sequels are never as good as the original”.

One a separate note… It didn’t take long for other businesses to jump on the Finding Dory wagon. Blue Reef Aquarium at Tynemouth have a Blue Tang Story weekend 6th – 7th August!

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