Fathers Day Makeover

A Father’s Day Treat

Apparently Father’s Day isn’t real! After a pupil asked the school why there is no Father’s Day assembly, the reply confused me. Father’s Day isn’t real as it is just a holiday that we have adopted from America. So there you have it your wasting your time today. Nothing special to see here.

Unless you like seeing a Dad in makeup!

I was contacted by a PR company that was working with B&M Stores. They were looking for a father and daughter moment that showed the special bond. How fathers dote on their daughters. How Dad’s will do anything to make their special girls happy. How Dads will allow their daughters to give them a make over… with make up… or possibly a little nail varnish.

Anyone who really knows me knows that it doesn’t take much to ‘motivate’ me into a dressing up session. So if the girls wanted to put make up on me, they may as well do the nails too. Hair chalk? Why not. All B&M wanted was a photograph for their website. Hang on a second, just a photo of me in makeup, may look like I have a tendency to wear bad makeup most weekends. So I needed to create a story.

A Father’s Day Treat

The plan we worked on was the girls wanted to give me a make over for an afternoon tea party. I set the beginning and end up, the details in between was up to them. The make over was what ever they wanted to do. What I didn’t expect was that they had also picked out two dresses for me to choose from. Slightly further than I wanted to go, but I’d come this far.

We are building up a Youtube Channel for the girls. For fun challenges, games and testing out Kids stuff please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkdCYLQ3Nr6E3K6cVyUZ60w We haven’t go the custom address yet as we need to hit 100 subscribers. (Really appreciate the subs).

B&M Stores Blog

I made the website. A total of 5 Dad bloggers have been featured on the article which can be found here. I contacted Dad Blogger no.3 before agreeing to be made over to ask how it went for him last year. One thing I will confirm that his concealer is very concealing! His girls need to know less is more.

We all had fun creating this video and photograph, but the girls need to learn the skills needed to work the tools. Miranda Sings inspired Lipstick is genius, but Nail varnish on the skin is just messy.

Even if it is just made up and not real. Hope you have a great Father’s Day.


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