Disney’s Wicked Women – A 1,000 piece Ravensburger puzzle.

Disney's Wicked Women Jigsaw

In the build-up to Christmas last year we started to put together a Ravensburger Jigsaw with the kids. It was a relaxing, bonding moment that lasted for just over a week. On a night time we would group together for an hour and we all sat focused on our own little sections.

As the kids went to bed I continued on for a few more hours, until I heard the shout “ALAN! It’s 11 o’clock I’m at work in the morning!”. This was the clue it was time to go to bed.

We were asked to review the 1,000 piece Ravensburger Disney’s Wicked Women Jigsaw, this month. Remembering the focused moments of concentration I agreed it would be fun.

Disney’s Wicked Women Jigsaw

There was one thing that I’d overlooked about reviewing a jigsaw. That is that to properly review it I needed to put the full 1,000 pieces together. It would be a bit of a cop out just photographing 5 pieces on a white background and saying it was good!

Disney's Wicked Women Jigsaw

Putting the Pieces together.

The design on the Jigsaw depicts 5 or Disney’s Wicked Women (I argued it was 6, but Imogen corrected me). The Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland), Ursula (the Little Mermaid), Cruella DeVille (101 Dalmations), Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), The Evil Queen and The Old Hag (Snow White). The last two are the same woman, but in different forms.

One of the most key parts of this jigsaw is that each Disney Villan is in their own segment. Each segment having a different colouring style and border. Obviously Cruella, had a good amount of black and white spots around her person.

Disney's Wicked Women Jigsaw

Ursula, the Sea Witch was the first section we put together. The purple skin, and aqua sea background made her very distinctive.

Disney's Wicked Women Jigsaw

Maleficent, was slightly more difficult, even though the flamed background should be easier. For some reason the location of the joins in the pieces made the colour gradients tricky to match. Also her black cape, at times merged into Ursula’s colour scheme.

Disney's Wicked Women Jigsaw

The Queen of Hearts being a mainly red section, was easy to sort out from the box. However the disproportionate skin sections knocked us off track for a speedy assembly.

Disney's Wicked Women Jigsaw
Disney's Wicked Women Jigsaw

After we assembled all 6 characters we joined them all together and tackled the real challenge of the jigsaw… The Thorns!

The Jigsaw took 4 nights to put together and it was a focused time of concentration and relaxation. The pictures are vibrant and interesting. Being Disney fans we had more of a connection to the illustration and loved the hidden little details. For example the playing card soldiers in the background of the Queen of hearts. Also, her border featuring playing card suit symbols.

If your interested in testing your puzzling skills. Disney’s WIcked Women is available from Amazon


Ravensburger Jigsaw – Disney’s Wicked Women Video

The girls wanted to put a video together to also share our jigsaw experience.

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