Celebrating Getting Back To School with a Disney Party

Disney Party Tea

After the 6 long weeks of school holidays September was finally here.  Parents throughout the country rejoiced (or was it just us?) as it was back to school time!! The summer holidays were full of fun but Abigail was really looking forward to seeing her friends.  6 weeks is a long time! Holidays and work had meant that we’d only managed a couple of play dates during the holidays.  She had really missed her school friends and was keen to organise a play date.  When the opportunity from the Disney Store party shop landed in our inbox, this seemed like the perfect excuse to host an impromptu ‘Back to School’ party. She chose three of her best pals Jessica, Millie and Edith and the date was set.

Finding Dory Party Plates and More…

Disney Party has everything you’d need to theme the party. For us, we had a table cloth, plates, napkins and cups. We were given plastic knives and forks in black and blue too.

A party tea was a great start for the gathering of friends. A simple buffet of pizza, sandwiches, crisps, humous and dip-able items went down well. With our busy family lives, mass catering needs to be simple, but the added bonus of nearly no washing up is perfect.

Disney Party Plates

Finding Dory Cups


A Few Party Games

After our party tea, the girls headed into the living room to do some colouring in.  But these weren’t any normal colouring in sheets-they were 3D.  All of the girls had seen the movie so they chatted about what colour Dory was using the napkins for guide!

Finding Dory 3D colouring in

The colouring kits were only £1.99, but settled them in to a focused activity.  As a stand alone item we would have probably got these for Imogen and Abigail to do. As there are 8 colouring sheets per kits, it became a good group craft activity.

Finding Dory Colouring in

Finding Dory Colouring in


A Quick round of Pass the Parcel

Then a game of pass the parcel went down well too.  Imogen had fun being the DJ. As with most games of pass the parcel, you need to build up the anticipation. We wrapped up our main present, with 5 layers of paper, which also included small bottles of bubbles.

Disney Pass the Parcel

Pass the Parcel

Millie eventually won the main gift of a Finding Dory story book.

Finding Dory Story Book

Everyone one have a fun time and it was a great chance to meet up with some of their friends that had been globe trotting during the holidays.

The Disney Party Website

The Disney Store have launched a new section on their site and it’s all Disney Party. If your looking for inspiration, items, themes and gifts this is the place to go. Our Finding Dory party started with a chat over dinner with Imogen and Abigail. What’s your favourite Disney / Pixar film? and What would be a good theme to base a party around? They chose Finding Dory, which they both loved.

Next stage was to log in to https://www.disneystore.co.uk/disney-party/

Here you can set up a personalised dashboard to pull all your party planning together. Start by choosing from the huge list of themes.

Finding Dory Party Sets

Next you can create your invitations, which can be emailed, facebooked or printed off.

Finding Dory Party Sets

Now the fun parts. Disney have pulled together lots of Party pieces to look after your decortions and essentials. For Finding Dory, there is confetti, ceiling hangers, table cloths, picture based party plates as well as more subtle blue plates that tie in. Our colouring kits were a great way to let the kids simply spend some calming down time, while trying out the 3D glasses.

Cakes, party and food ideas. Disney have the inspiration side covered too. You can view other people photos that are based upon your chosen theme, aswell as Disney’s own suggestions too.

To start planning your next Disney Party visit

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