Bill’s Hammersmith Restaurant Review

Bill's Hammersmith

Generally avoiding big chains we reluctently tried out Bill’s Hammersmith.

After a day walking around central London on Good Friday, we bizarrely struggled to find a table for 8 people around 6.00pm. Everywhere we went they asked if we had a booking! Who knew that in jam-packed Covent Garden you had to book? OK. Everyone else in London did. So our friends the Speeds suggested that we jumped on the tube to Hammersmith and see what was on offer there. The first place we spotted as Bill’s Hammersmith Restaurant. From the outside, it looked good and they had seats too.

Bill’s Hammersmith

Bill’s is a chain restaurant and we’ve recently found that there is one nearly on our doorstep in Durham. The food is modern British cuisine with fresh and seasonal offerings. After all that walking around London we felt it was time for a drink. Should we have cocktails or wine? What about Both!

Bill’s Restaurant Cocktail Menu

The cocktail menu was very light and fruity. Perfect for a bright Easter weekend.

Bills Hammersmith

I chose Bramble Mojito. Which for me was we’re choice as I find Mojitos can either be refreshing or breathtaking (not in a good way). The Blackberry flavour kept the drink on the right side of refreshing and the rum wasn’t too strong to strip my gums from my teeth!

Bills Hammersmith

Cat selected the Rum Punch, which consisted of Golden Rum, Jasmine, Orange and Hibiscus Tea and Watermelon Juice. Again this was a nice refreshing drink, that went down nicely. We could have had a couple of these before our meal. We’d literally been on our feet from 8am til now (which was 6:30pm). Today’s trek had included Wonderlab at the Science Museum.

Bills Hammersmith

Bill’s Restaurant Menu

The menu is a relatively limited choice. Which I will admit took me longer to choose what I wanted than normal. Chicken Skewers, Ribs, Fish Pie, Chicken Curry, Sea Bass, Burgers or Steak. All of which I was on the fence for.

Although the starter of Crumbed Halloumi Sticks stood out. I love Halloumi. The chewy, squeaky, almost meaty texture of the cheese draws me in.

Bills Hammersmith

Halloumi Sticks it was then. The portion was relatively small and became smaller as Abigail wanted to try them. The Garlic and Lemon mayo were delicious and I cleared the dipping bowl with the lettuce leaf.

Bills Hammersmith

As I said the menu was limited in options. It sort of pushed you to your comfort zone. Which seemed to become steak. I chose it, Catherine chose it as did everyone else on the table.

Bills Hammersmith

And I mean everyone else on the table. The kid’s meal had Steak, chips and peas as an option.

Bills Hammersmith

Bill’s Hammersmith Review

As soon as we sat down inside Bill’s, Hammersmith, I felt relaxed. The interior decor had a rustic feel to it. A shabby chic paint pallet mixed with the industrial lighting, air vents and stair case. As I’ve mentioned before its all the small pieces that come together to create the bigger picture. And Bill’s has it here too. The little detailing pieces around the restaurant give you plenty to keep your eyes occupied.Bills Hammersmith

The Shelving display behind our table was an Instagrammers dream. All the little bottles of wines, jams and sauces. Which I thought was a nice touch that you could buy Bill’s items to take home.

Bills Hammersmith

The food was well cooked and presented. The staff were very attentive, which is great when you have kids. Even more so when Abigail spilt her drink! I felt the pricing of the meals was also very reasonable. The big question is would I go back? Probably, is the answer, but realistically it would be to try the nearer on in Durham as it’ll be a while before I’m back to London.

Bill’s Restaurant is located in many locations around London, but Bill’s Hammersmith is at 10 Hammersmith Grove, London W6 7AP.

For more information visit Bills Website.


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