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  • Make a sweetie selfie


    Katjes Magic Candy Factory Newcastle

    3D printers are the latest in technology, Imogen’s new school even has one in the computer labs. Last weekend, the girls made their own plastic robots at Science at Life’s Maker Faire, which showcased many 3D printers. The latest pop up concession at Fenwicks Newcastle brings this 3D technology to a whole new level….printing an […]

  • North Shields Sunset

    The Hoopers March

    Can you believe it March is finished. We’re a quarter of the way through 2017 already! It’s moving too fast. Here is a round up of the highlights of our March Adventures. Then after we’ve added the items that didn’t make it into a stand alone blog post. Restaurants Oli’s and Joe Gosforth We ran […]

  • 10 Not So Happy Ever Afters

    10 Not so Happy Ever Afters

    We are all led to believe that the Princesses in the Disney films have a happy ever after life. They meet their prince and usually get married and dreams can come true. Well what would happen if things didn’t turn out as expected. Photographer Dina Goldstein has created these amazing images that share a glimpse […]

  • Letterbox Lab

    Letterbox Lab Review

    We’d been looking for a monthly subscription box for a while. When I stumbled upon Letterbox Lab. A monthly science box delivered in the post that includes everything you need. I’m not sure if I ever disclosed this, but 2 years ago I really really wanted to set up a science channel on Youtube with […]

  • The Bank of Dad

    The Bank of Dad

    Welcome to the Bank of Dad. We are a friendly bank that encourage young savers to deposit money and learn the values of saving. We do not judge you on your purchases and we offer you a free overdraft, with options to earn extra. The Bank of Dad Balancing the value of money between our […]

  • The Hoopers February

    The Hoopers February

      February is over already and we’re heading into March. The summer will be here before we know it. Just like last month we’ve compiled a round up of selected highlights from our blogs in February. Then after we’ve added the items that didn’t make it into a stand alone blog post. Restaurants Turtle Bay […]

  • Snatch Mobile App Game

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    Snatch – Mobile App game

    I won’t lie to you! When I told my friends that I’d downloaded an app called “Snatch”, they wondered what I was doing? What did you search to find that was one comment. It wasn’t any thing dodgy, but a risk free game to play on your smart phone. I’ll try and enlighten you while […]

  • Geocaching for Beginners

    Geocaching for Beginners

    We’ve been asked for a Geocaching for Beginners guide. As there are so many elements to the hobby (not sure if I can call it a sport) we decided to break it up into the absolute basics. Then may add a follow-up guide in the future. Geocaching is a game of hide and seek that […]

  • The Hoopers

    The Hoopers January

    It seems like two minutes ago that we were wondering what was in store for the Hoopers in 2017. We’re planning to recap each month with the inclusion of some extras that didn’t quite make the blog. Let us know what you think in the comments below. We started off with a plan of trying to […]

  • Composite door

    A New Composite Door – Excel North East

    We’d been thinking about getting a new Composite door for the last 4 years! It sounds crazy, but our new build house was thrown together and we’re slowly having to replace it’s components. It’s not even that old. My Mam’s house is over 100 years old and her neighbours still have the original front doors. […]

  • UK Blog Awards 2017

    We’ve been nominated for the UK Blog Awards

    I’ll say it again in smaller text… We have been nominated for the UK Blog Awards in the Parenting category. Back at the beginning of January 2016, Catherine and I thought it would be fun to document our experiences with the kids. After all we’ve got loads of photographs that we’ve taken, but never quite […]

  • The Great North Snowdogs


    Great North Snowdogs Trail – Completed

    As you’re probably aware from past posts Me and Imogen love a good trail / challenge. With St Oswald’s Hospice releasing the Great North Snowdogs, we aimed to complete the spotting guide. With 61 Snowdogs hidden around the North East, it isn’t going to be a simple afternoon stroll. Great North Snowdogs Trail App Trophies […]