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  • Cat's Book Club

    Cat’s February Book Club

    The start of the year lends itself to lots of nights curled up in front of the fire reading a good novel. I’ve made a good start on my Good Reads target of 35 books in 2017 and here’s a few I’ve enjoyed over the month of January: The Fault in Our Stars by John […]

  • Geocaching for Beginners

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    Geocaching for Beginners

    We’ve been asked many times for a Geocaching for Beginners guide. As there are so many elements to the hobby (not sure if I can call it a sport) we decided to break it up into the absolute basics. Then may add a follow-up guide in the future. Geocaching is a game of hide and […]

  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Furniture

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    Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Furniture

    Catherine had been itching to get some painting and decorating done. Ever since I smashed a load of holes in the wall to network our house with super fast broadband. For some reason polyfiller alone wasn’t enough! I was also dragging my heels on the decorating as I’m aiming to finish the garden first, then […]

  • Life Science Centre

    Life Science Centre

    On a cold Sunday morning we took a visit to the Life Science Centre in Newcastle city centre.  Arriving for the opening time of 11am we joined a short queue and handed over the £25 entrance fee. Maps, timetables and tickets in hand we were all set to get our inner science geek on! It had been over […]

  • The Word South Shields


    The Word – South Shields

    Libraries have had a lot of bad press in the last few years.  Local authorities all over the country are closing branches and slashing opening hours.  Close to home, our own Gosforth library has seen opening times reduced, despite the protests of the local community.   In tough economic times big decisions have to be made […]

  • Oriental Museum Durham


    Durham Oriental Museum

    On Sunday afternoon we decided to head down the A1 to visit Durham for a few hours.  It’s a gorgeous city that we don’t visit often enough.  In the past we have enjoyed lovely afternoons strolling along the river with a picnic in hand.  Durham is also a great place for a browse in the shops […]

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    North East Lego Landmarks at the Centre for Life

    This weekend saw the North East Lego Landmarks and Brick History exhibitions open at the Centre for Life. The pair of exhibitions run from January 14th – 23rd April 2017. Although they share the same exhibition space they are by two different Lego Modellers. North East Lego Landmarks North East Lego Landmarks is created by […]