Alan Hooper

  • Christmas Flavour Crisps

    Walker’s Crispmas celebration! – I love a gimmick!

    OK. I’m a sucker for a gimmick. Tonight while picking up some emergency packed lunch provisions for Imogen I spotted the display of Walkers Festive crisps. One multipack was Christmas Dinner for Sprout Lovers and the other was for Sprout Haters. I realise that they are mainly selling this on the packaging and in reality, […]

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

    Ralph Breaks the Internet in 4DX

    We continued on from or Morning at the Santa’s List Escape Room in the Gate. Next stop was to see Ralph Breaks the Internet at Cineworld. Our tickets were paid for with our Vitality Insurance, however, it is now possible to pay for upgrades to your ticket. For example, for a couple of pound extra, […]

  • Escape Newcastle at the Gate

    Santa’s List – A Christmas Escape Room in The Gate

    With our recent decorating project coming to an end we decided to head out for a full day at The Gate! Well, nearly a full day. Our first booking was at Escape Newcastle on the 1st Floor. I spotted that they had just opened up a Christmas themed Escape room, Santa’s List. Santa’s List Escape Room The Story […]

  • A Disney Night In

    A cosy night in with Disney

    We were given a few Christmas inspired items from shopDisney to have a cosy family night in talking about Christmas. Which isn’t hard to start going with two excitable girls. The products we received included personalised pyjamas, a Jigsaw, two Mugs for hot chocolate and some colouring in crafts. With the weather turning colder and the nights getting […]

  • The ultimate list of 2018’s Christmas Sandwiches!

    The countdown to Christmas is officially here and with the BIG news that Greggs have released their festive bake, it’s time to look at sandwiches. We were having a chat with a friend (Lee) a few weeks ago and he let slip that he rated the Christmas sandwiches in a top 10 list. I never […]

  • Huts in the Hills Northumberland

    Glamping in Huts in the Hills Northumberland

    Friday night and the sun is setting as we head North to find our accommodation for the night. Catherine had spotted a new venue offering nights in a Shepherd’s Hut four weeks earlier and they looked quirky and fun. All I knew was that the Largest Shepherd’s Hut (The Cheviot) had a main bed-room and a […]

  • Choosing a budget hotel in Florida

    Choosing A Budget Hotel in Florida!

    We’d found the amazing cheap Florida deal, but didn’t like the look of the cheapest hotel. I’m sure it was OK as we spoke to many people on the flight that were going there, but I wanted a little more. I’d never stayed over on International drive before and had always been nearer Disney Springs area. So […]

  • inflate space or Inflata space

    InflateSpace Newcastle – The Inflatable Theme Park.

    After encouraging the kids to help tidy out the garage all morning. Followed by finishing off the weekend homework, our Sunday was pretty pretty dull. And the kids kept reminding me of this. Catherine was at work and I was aiming to get lots of jobs done. So as a means of reward for the hard […]

  • £2000 florida Holiday


    How much our £2000 Florida holiday really cost!

    We’ve returned from our “cheap” last minute Florida deal, but how much did it really cost? After all, this was our alternative for £3,600 11 days all inclusive in Benidorm. My friends had told me year on year food and shopping is cheap outside of the theme parks, so we gave it a go. Recapping […]

  • Wonderworks Orlando

    What is Inside Wonderworks on I Drive?

    As a family, we’ve been going to Florida on and off for about 8 years. Previously with my parents, I’d been 4 or 5 times. It has always been somewhere we loved going as there is so much to do. No matter how many times you go there are always more reasons to return. Wonderworks […]