Alan Hooper

  • Fathers Day Makeover

    A Father’s Day Treat

    Apparently Father’s Day isn’t real! After a pupil asked the school why there is no Father’s Day assembly, the reply confused me. Father’s Day isn’t real as it is just a holiday that we have adopted from America. So there you have it your wasting your time today. Nothing special to see here. Unless you […]

  • Vasectomy NHS

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    The Day I had a NHS Vasectomy

    Sure… Lets start off with the story of how I had some plumbing disconnected. Or more commonly known as a Vasectomy. The main reason I want to talk about this is to share my experience of a no Scalpel Vasectomy for other Dad’s that are thinking about it. My tale will be warts ‘n all… […]

  • A Family Fun day in South Shields


    Things to do in South Shields with Kids

    Sunday saw the Third Annual North East Blogger meet up in South Shields. Although for us it was the first one we’d attended. Meeting up with our blogging friends on an informal basis. This was a chance to sit back and relax and chat, before experiencing some of the things to do in South Shields. […]

  • Annie the Musical


    Annie the Musical – Tyne Theatre Review

    When I was a kid, I remember wanting to go to see musicals and shows because I’d heard the music. My parents used to have a large LP collection of musicals and soundtracks. Quite often I’d be surprised with a trip out to the Theatre. The musicals I’d visited as a child have now been […]

  • Camping 2016


    How the internet has changed our lives.

    We’ve just returned from a weekend camping. Setting ourselves free from the routine lifestyles we live in the town. What better way to relax than to head to the country? Until you realise that you have next to know signal on your mobile phone and start stressing that you can’t access Facebook every 10 minutes. […]

  • Fat Hippo Durham

    Fat Hippo Durham

    As part of our Lads escape to Durham day out We quite early on decided to go to Fat Hippo Durham for a burger meal. With Stephen as a self confessed Burger addict I knew it would be a winner. A well deserved meal to follow on from the Escape Rooms next door. Fat Hippo […]

  • Escape Rooms Durham


    Escape Rooms Durham

    The thought of taking part in a Crystal Maze style puzzle adventure has always appealed to me. I love puzzles and problems. If something needs solving then I’m up for a challenge. However I’d never tried an Escape Room… yet. Escape Rooms Durham After deferring it for over a year the three remaining members of […]

  • Creating a Youtube Studio

    Creating a Youtube Studio for the kids!

    I’ll be honest I didn’t really get Youtube until this spring. I’ve watched videos etc, but never really wanted to get that in front of the camera. Then something happened! I’m not sure what it was but I decided to set about filming some days out. They fitted in perfectly with out Blog and we […]

  • Education Quizzes Revision

    Educational Quizzes and our Kids

    The weekend has come and our kids are loaded with home work. OK maybe loaded is a little harsh. They both have a piece of homework to do. Abigail is currently getting Maths homework as she’s in Year 1 (KS1). Imogen is bringing home projects that are written assignments, History, Geography or cultural awareness (KS2). […]

  • Jamie Oliver's DIner

    Jamie Oliver’s Diner

    After our unsuccessful attempt at getting a table in busy busy Central London, one day earlier. We decided to try again. This time our group had split from 8 people to just the 4 Hoopers. We wandered through the city, via Hamleys and the Girl Guiding Shop. The kids had been on their feet since 8am. It […]