Alan Hooper

  • Huts in the Hills Northumberland

    Glamping in Huts in the Hills Northumberland

    Friday night and the sun is setting as we head North to find our accommodation for the night. Catherine had spotted a new venue offering nights in a Shepherd’s Hut four weeks earlier and they looked quirky and fun. All I knew was that the Largest Shepherd’s Hut (The Cheviot) had a main bed-room and a […]

  • Choosing a budget hotel in Florida

    Choosing A Budget Hotel in Florida!

    We’d found the amazing cheap Florida deal, but didn’t like the look of the cheapest hotel. I’m sure it was OK as we spoke to many people on the flight that were going there, but I wanted a little more. I’d never stayed over on International drive before and had always been nearer Disney Springs area. So […]

  • inflate space or Inflata space

    InflateSpace Newcastle – The Inflatable Theme Park.

    After encouraging the kids to help tidy out the garage all morning. Followed by finishing off the weekend homework, our Sunday was pretty pretty dull. And the kids kept reminding me of this. Catherine was at work and I was aiming to get lots of jobs done. So as a means of reward for the hard […]

  • £2000 florida Holiday


    How much our £2000 Florida holiday really cost!

    We’ve returned from our “cheap” last minute Florida deal, but how much did it really cost? After all, this was our alternative for £3,600 11 days all inclusive in Benidorm. My friends had told me year on year food and shopping is cheap outside of the theme parks, so we gave it a go. Recapping […]

  • Wonderworks Orlando

    What is Inside Wonderworks on I Drive?

    As a family, we’ve been going to Florida on and off for about 8 years. Previously with my parents, I’d been 4 or 5 times. It has always been somewhere we loved going as there is so much to do. No matter how many times you go there are always more reasons to return. Wonderworks […]

  • The Escape Game Orlando

    Trapped in a room with an Alpha Male!

    I love a challenge and as it was my Birthday, I had one choice to make. What do I really want to do that is special and I’d not done before… in Orlando. OK, I’m lying the kids had the first choice of a day at Aquatica, but as it was packed on Labor Day […]

  • Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2018

    Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2018

    On our “Budget” holiday we chose not to buy Disney Park tickets to try and save some money but spotted that Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was on during our holiday. For us, it was a good option to get some “cheaper” Disney Magic and bring home a sack of souvenirs! Mickey’s Not So […]

  • Cirque Du Hilarious

    Cirque Du Hilarious, Tynemouth

    Sunday morning and we’ve left the house nice and early to make our way over to Tynemouth. As a special pick me up for my mother we’ve decided to go out for Brunch and then visit Cirque Du Hilarious. One thing that is guaranteed is to leave the show on a high. Cirque Du Hilarious We’ve […]

  • Summer Plans 2016

    Things we’re looking forward to in August 2018

    We’re already a couple of weeks through the school holidays and the kids have started to say the “B” word. Unless they can site watching Youtube for the remainder of the holidays. Abigail has started memorise the Netflix catalog, while Imogen is just watching people making slime, poking slime and then mixing lots of different slimes together. […]

  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2 : Is Pixar Pitching Towards an Older Audience?

    The opening weekend in the UK for Pixar’s sequel to the Incredibles. A much-anticipated movie that was heavily hinted at in the final scenes of the first movie. If you’ve forgotten this scene, don’t worry it is summed up very quickly at the beginning of Inc. 2 After defeating Syndrome, The Underminer drills up out […]

  • Lay Z Spa Vegas

    Buying a Lay Z Spa has change our lives!!

    The title says it all and it’s a bit of a wild statement, but it is so true on many levels. Hot Tubs, Spas, and Jacuzzis. After a recent trip to see our friends in Great Yarmouth, our kids got to experience their Lay Z Spa. I’ll admit I was a “mick” taker and mocked his […]