Alan Hooper

  • Jorvik Viking Centre York

    Jorvik Viking Centre, York | The Ride, Exhibition and Video

    As part of our Mother’s Day adventure, we headed down to York for the Day. It’s been a while since we were there last and even longer since we visited Jorvik. Our kids had never been there and knew nothing about what it was. In December 2015, the Jorvik Viking Centre was flooded by the floods […]

  • Into The Woods Tyne Theatre

    Into the Woods at Tyne Theatre and Opera House

    As I sat in my chair a tray of food in front of me, my headphones on, I started to watch the in-flight movie. We’d missed it in the pictures, but on the outbound flight to Florida “Into The Woods” was on. Perfect. Just as it started… “Daaaad? My headphones aren’t working”, “Daaaaad? My iPad won’t […]

  • The Hoopster Hamsters

    Setting up a Hamster Cage & Keeping Dwarf Hamsters

    When Christmas came we knew we wanted to surprise our girls with a special present. Abigail was Desperate for a pet (preferably a dog), Imogen Liked the idea of a pet, but wasn’t as set on it as Abigail. We also knew that whatever pet we were to adopt, it would end up being Catherine and […]

  • Casper Mattress Unboxing, Review and Discount Code

    Casper Mattress Unboxing, Review and Discount Code

    After our ongoing refurbishments, we eventually took on the Master Bedroom. We completely gutted it and decided to renew everything. One of the main items at the top of the list was a new mattress. Our Previous pocket sprung one had lasted 7 years, with an additional 3 years being eeked out of it. We’d seen […]

  • Vampirina Toys

    Understanding Diversity with Vampirina

    The morning routine changes so subtly as the years go by. As the kids get older they are able to get themselves ready and help out in the morning rush. One change that took me a while to acknowledge was the morning TV. What was once my 15 minutes of bad news from around the world, turned into […]

  • Fifty Shades Freed Movie Review

    Fifty Shades Freed Movie Review

    I accidentally stumbled into the cinema and landed in the Fifty Shades Freed screening… honest! OK, it was slightly different to that. Catherine had booked tickets to see Black Panther and something didn’t log in correctly and we turned up at the cinema with no tickets booked. So Instead of heading home with now show, […]

  • The Greatest Showman / The Greatest Show?

    We were looking for a film to see in between Christmas and New Year. Something that was suitable for the full family. One that stood out as I’d seen the adverts on a bus was The Greatest Showman. A Story about P.T. Barnum and a circus? I’ll be honest I knew nothing about it and […]

  • Butterfly Cabinet Heaton

    Butterfly Cabinet, Heaton Review

    For what seems to be 10 years we’ve driven past the Butterfly Cabinet and previously Belle and Herbs. Every time we went be there was a huge queue and we said: “we must try there one day”. It’s daft that it has taken so long to eventually getting around to it. Friends that have been had mentioned that […]

  • Here Come The Hoopers

    Where Did January go?

    It doesn’t seem to be that long ago that we were opening Christmas Presents, Singing along with Jules Holland and a gang of bagpipers, nursing a bad head and cleaning out the festive decorations. I appear to have blinked and we’re into the tail end of January. Don’t worry February is only 4 weeks and […]

  • Scalinis Gosforth Review

    Scalini’s Gosforth Review

    The last time we visited Scalini’s, Gosforth we had an… entertaining experience! As a result, it’s taken us nearly 2 years to return to give it another go. It’s a shame as it is literally 10 minutes walk from our house. I’ll explain our previous visit after our review Scalini’s Gosforth Review As part of […]

  • A Small Ensuite Makeover

    The day we moved into our house we knew the ensuite needed a makeover. The problem was we didn’t have the money, the time or an idea of what we wanted. The one thing we did know we needed was bathroom storage, but also it needed to be efficient in space. As with all makeover blog posts, we have […]

  • Chinese Gosforth Palace

    Gosforth Palace / Poons Gosforth Review

    Gosforth High Street offers a wealth of different restaurants. We’ve created a list and we’re trying to visit all Gosforth restaurants this year as a 2018 goal, starting with Gosforth Palace.. Gosforth Palace Located just up off Gosforth High Street on Salters Road, Gosforth Palace is hard to miss. Previously called Poons Gosforth, in the […]