Alan Hooper

  • Disney Party Tea


    Celebrating Getting Back To School with a Disney Party

    After the 6 long weeks of school holidays September was finally here.  Parents throughout the country rejoiced (or was it just us?) as it was back to school time!! The summer holidays were full of fun but Abigail was really looking forward to seeing her friends.  6 weeks is a long time! Holidays and work […]

  • Boom Ball Game Unboxing and Review

    Crazy fun with the Boom Ball Game

    Sunday afternoon in the Hooper House. We’d been for a Sunday Lunch and thought instead of curling up on the sofa and chilling, maybe we should play a game as a family. The Summer was only just still tempting me out of the warmth of the house. So we should really make the most of […]

  • Hot

    Small Steps, Huge Leaps and Plodding Along!

    The beginning of September is a big moment in so many peoples lives for many different reasons. The most important is that it is  my birthday (I’m now 39). The second is preparing for photograph your front door day. All parents will be aware that the first week of September it is LAW that you […]

  • A Day trip to Morocco

    Things to Do on the Costa Del Sol – A Day trip to Morocco

    When your on holiday in Spain, sunning yourself in a heat wave. The perfect thing to do is leave the country! As bizarre as that sounds this is exactly what we did. After thinking about it for a week we booked up a Day trip to Morocco. A Day trip to Tangier, Morocco We’d been […]

  • Selwo Aventura

    Things to do on the Costa Del Sol – Selwo Aventura

    Selwo operates two parks on the Costa Del Sol. Selwo Marina and Selwo Aventura, the latter is where we’re heading today. With Spain being hit by a heat wave, sitting around the pool just didn’t do it for me, so I was itching to find things to do on the Costa Del Sol. Cat and […]

  • Zhu Zhu Pets Review

    Zhu Zhu Pets, Adventure Ball and Hamster Wheel with Tube Review

    A few years ago, I remember Imogen having a little pet hamster toy called a Go Go Pet. They were palm sized animals that seemed to have a life of there own. A name change and a tie in with a cartoon and movie, Zhu Zhu Pets are here to take over. Zhu Zhu Pets […]

  • Things to do in the Costa Del Sol - Selwo Marina Benalmadena

    Costa Del Sol Things to do : Selwo Marina Benalmadena

    We’d got to around the 6th day of our holiday on the Costa Del Sol and I was looking for things to do. The kids were loving just jumping in and out the pool. Unfortunately I needed to find stuff to do. After a walk to the nearby shops to pick up an english newspaper, […]

  • Cars 3 the Movie

    Was there any need for the Cars 3 Movie?

    There was a theory I once read about and the theory went like this… If a headline is written as a question, then the answer is usually no! So, Was there any need for Cars 3? The Cars Story Pixar is very much committed to great story telling. Being able to connect to the characters […]

  • I Love Football

    The UEFA Woman’s Euro 2017 and our Girls

    The UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 are being held in the Netherlands this year. The England women’s team qualified, but are also joined this year by Scotland for the first time. In the World cup Finals in Canada 2015 the England women’s team came 3rd, so the pressure is on to bring it back home this […]