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  • New New Bengal Gosforth

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    New New Bengal – Gosforth High Street

    The New New Bengal Indian Restaurant in Gosforth is the refurbished result from the New Bengal Restaurant. The New Bengal Gosforth The Indian restaurant had been established in Gosforth for over 40 years. We’d visited a couple of times when on our dating years. During the late summer of 2014, the business was set on fire […]

  • Geocaching for Beginners

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    Geocaching for Beginners

    We’ve been asked many times for a Geocaching for Beginners guide. As there are so many elements to the hobby (not sure if I can call it a sport) we decided to break it up into the absolute basics. Then may add a follow-up guide in the future. Geocaching is a game of hide and […]

  • Steffen Peddie 99 Problems and the Chips aren't one!

    Steffen Peddie 99 Problems and the Chips aren’t one!

    Steffen Peddie 99 Problems and the Chips aren’t one! is touring around the UK at the moment.  We headed to the Washington Arts Centre on Friday night for a night of entertainment. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Steffen Peddie before in his show the Geordie Rat Pack at the Customs House.  The Geordie Rat Pack […]

  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Furniture

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    Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on Furniture

    Catherine had been itching to get some painting and decorating done. Ever since I smashed a load of holes in the wall to network our house with super fast broadband. For some reason polyfiller alone wasn’t enough! I was also dragging my heels on the decorating as I’m aiming to finish the garden first, then […]

  • Turtle Bay Newcastle


    Turtle Bay Newcastle – Near the Gate

    Turtle Bay Newcastle is located next to the Gate, as part of the Old Coop Building redevelopment. We’ve walked past here several times and last year popped in for some cocktails. This weekend we decided it was time to try the food. The kids were desperate to go to to Za Za Bazaar, so we managed […]

  • The Hoopers

    The Hoopers January

    It seems like two minutes ago that we were wondering what was in store for the Hoopers in 2017. We’re planning to recap each month with the inclusion of some extras that didn’t quite make the blog. Let us know what you think in the comments below. We started off with a plan of trying to […]

  • Composite door


    A New Composite Door – Excel North East

    We’d been thinking about getting a new Composite door for the last 4 years! It sounds crazy, but our new build house was thrown together and we’re slowly having to replace it’s components. It’s not even that old. My Mam’s house is over 100 years old and her neighbours still have the original front doors. […]

  • Cal's Own Jesmond

    Cal’s Own, Jesmond

    In a previous incarnation, we’d been to Cal’s Own, but so far we’d not tried Cal’s Own, Jesmond. When in Heaton it was simply a great pizza place. Simple pizzas and a bring your own booze setup. I remember this for three reasons. Firstly it was Abigail’s Birthday and we had two giant pizzas, served to […]

  • Life Science Centre

    Life Science Centre

    On a cold Sunday morning we took a visit to the Life Science Centre in Newcastle city centre.  Arriving for the opening time of 11am we joined a short queue and handed over the £25 entrance fee. Maps, timetables and tickets in hand we were all set to get our inner science geek on! It had been over […]

  • Easy Chocolate Souffle Recipe

    Easy Chocolate Souffle Recipe

    With Valentines Day not too far away, here is an easy Chocolate Souffle recipe that will definitely win some brownie points. I have made this recipe about 6 times now. To prove how easy it was I got Abigail our 5 year old to help cook it / mix it. This recipe will make 4 […]

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    North East Lego Landmarks at the Centre for Life

    This weekend saw the North East Lego Landmarks and Brick History exhibitions open at the Centre for Life. The pair of exhibitions run from January 14th – 23rd April 2017. Although they share the same exhibition space they are by two different Lego Modellers. North East Lego Landmarks North East Lego Landmarks is created by […]