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  • Shrek's Adventure London


    DreamWorks Tours – Shrek’s Adventure! London

    With an action packed weekend in London we were looking for things to do that were different. We’d never tried Shrek’s Adventure before and the Easter weekend was the perfect chance. Merlin has several other attractions in the Southbank area, which means there is a full days worth of attractions here. DreamWorks Tours – Shrek’s […]

  • Vegetable Patch by Beginners

    Vegetable Patch by Beginners

    I’d toyed with the idea of starting a Vegetable patch two years ago and it went no where. This year would be different. I would actually do it! I would actually try and finish off the garden I started to build 4 years ago. There had been a section at the far end that catches […]

  • Carrot Cake Cookies Recipe

    Carrot Cake Cookie Recipe

    One of the must have snacks at Walt Disney World has always been the Carrot Cake Cookie from the Writers Stop. If I’m totally honest there is a list of about 20 must haves, but this one is doable at home. The recipe for the Carrot Cake Cookie revolves around your favourite Carrot Cake mix. […]

  • Vujon Indian Restaurant Newcastle

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    Vujon Indian Restaurant, Newcastle

    We were losing a long standing member of staff at Hooper Signs. After around 12 years manning womanning the phones, dealing with accounts and the day to day running of the business. My sister in law had decided to try a new job nearer to home. I could see elements of the reason she wanted to […]

  • Maker Faire UK Newcastle

    Maker Faire UK Newcastle

    This weekend saw Maker Faire UK take over the Centre for Life. Exhibitors, creators, crafters, inventors and lots of cool stuff was on display. We sort of knew what to expect as we’d been to the Maker Faire two years ago and the kids loved it. Basically speaking if your kids like science, flashy lights, […]

  • North Shields Sunset

    The Hoopers March

    Can you believe it March is finished. We’re a quarter of the way through 2017 already! It’s moving too fast. Here is a round up of the highlights of our March Adventures. Then after we’ve added the items that didn’t make it into a stand alone blog post. Restaurants Oli’s and Joe Gosforth We ran […]

  • Magicbox Newcastle

    Magicbox Newcastle New Store – Opening Night

    A couple of weeks ago I shared my interest in magic and a little bit about my magic related history. Touching upon how my Dad encouraged me with learning and performing tricks etc. Well my hobby also crosses over into my daytime job as a sign maker. Again whats started off with my Dad has […]

  • Great British Cupcakery


    Great British Cupcakery – Afternoon Tea

    The Great British Cupcakery on the corner of Queen Street, Newcastle has always had a good reputation. So much so that we tried to pop in with our friends who had came up from Great Yarmouth. Unfortunately it was Easter weekend and the sun was shining and the queue was spilling out of the door. […]

  • 10 Not So Happy Ever Afters

    10 Not so Happy Ever Afters

    We are all led to believe that the Princesses in the Disney films have a happy ever after life. They meet their prince and usually get married and dreams can come true. Well what would happen if things didn’t turn out as expected. Photographer Dina Goldstein has created these amazing images that share a glimpse […]

  • Beauty & The Beast

    Beauty & the Beast 2017 Movie

    Beauty & the Beast opened in cinema’s this weekend and we had to go and see it. If I’m totally honest I wanted to book tickets for opening night. However Imogen was going to a birthday party Saturday morning to go and see it. So instead of trumping someones party, we delayed it till Sunday night. […]

  • Letterbox Lab

    Letterbox Lab Review

    We’d been looking for a monthly subscription box for a while. When I stumbled upon Letterbox Lab. A monthly science box delivered in the post that includes everything you need. I’m not sure if I ever disclosed this, but 2 years ago I really really wanted to set up a science channel on Youtube with […]