Alan Hooper

  • DEAD High Bridge

    Exploring the D.E.A.D Bar on High Bridge.

    We were invited to the opening night of D.E.A.D on High Bridge, Newcastle. The name which stands for Drop Everything And Drink, gives out a quirky vibe. Externally the bar doesn’t shout out, bar the huge lettering on the windows that shouts BEER! And Beer is what this is all about. D.E.A.D is part of […]

  • Sunday Dinner at The Woodmans Arms Whickham

    Sunday Lunch at The Woodmans Arms, Whickham

    Sunday Dinner is a huge deal! Some people enjoy a Sunday Dinner on a Tuesday! We the Hooper’s being traditional prefer the Sunday dinner on a Sunday at Dinner time! It also just happened to be my Mam’s birthday too. So what better way to celebrate than with a Sunday roast. I asked on our […]

  • Urband Adventures in Ouseburn

    An Urban Adventure in the Ouseburn.

    Believe it or not this weekend was devised by our kids. Their mission was that they wanted to grab some photos by graffitis walls! It was semi unplanned. excluding the fact that we knew where there was quite a bit of public art. So we headed to the Ouseburn, for a slow potter around and […]

  • Disney's Wicked Women Jigsaw

    Disney’s Wicked Women – A 1,000 piece Ravensburger puzzle.

    In the build-up to Christmas last year we started to put together a Ravensburger Jigsaw with the kids. It was a relaxing, bonding moment that lasted for just over a week. On a night time we would group together for an hour and we all sat focused on our own little sections. As the kids […]

  • Magicbox Newcastle

    Newcastle Magic Circle Entertains

    Before the rumors start and get out of control… I’m not a member of the Magic Circle. However, there have been many times that I would have loved to have been. Tonight was simply about fun and entertainment, for Members of the circle and their friends. I’ve know the guys at Magicbox for years and […]

  • Decorating a Tweens Bedroom

    Redecorating our Tweens Bedroom

    It seems like only the other month that I was decorating Imogen’s bedroom. However it has come around again to do some updating in her room. This time she wanted to drop the purple and go for the “on trend” rose gold and grey. Her room wasn’t that bad decoration wise. However a couple or […]

  • The Brownie Bar Heaton

    The Brownie Bar, Chillingham Road.

    The year has started and we’re trying to get motivated to do stuff (outside of the house). Weather-wise it’s not helping with the wind and chilly conditions, I’d prefer to sit in front of the TV. So as a compromise we popped out for a little snack on Chillingham Road. Chilli Road has so many […]

  • Christmas Flavour Crisps

    Walker’s Crispmas celebration! – I love a gimmick!

    OK. I’m a sucker for a gimmick. Tonight while picking up some emergency packed lunch provisions for Imogen I spotted the display of Walkers Festive crisps. One multipack was Christmas Dinner for Sprout Lovers and the other was for Sprout Haters. I realise that they are mainly selling this on the packaging and in reality, […]

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet Review

    Ralph Breaks the Internet in 4DX

    We continued on from or Morning at the Santa’s List Escape Room in the Gate. Next stop was to see Ralph Breaks the Internet at Cineworld. Our tickets were paid for with our Vitality Insurance, however, it is now possible to pay for upgrades to your ticket. For example, for a couple of pound extra, […]

  • Escape Newcastle at the Gate

    Santa’s List – A Christmas Escape Room in The Gate

    With our recent decorating project coming to an end we decided to head out for a full day at The Gate! Well, nearly a full day. Our first booking was at Escape Newcastle on the 1st Floor. I spotted that they had just opened up a Christmas themed Escape room, Santa’s List. Santa’s List Escape Room The Story […]