Alan Hooper

  • Zoomer Zupps Pretty Ponies Toy Review

    Zoomer Zupps Pretty Ponies Toy Review

      I’d seen these at our local supermarket recently and wondered what they were. Zoomer has a few different toys out over Christmas. So What did the Zoomer Zupps Pretty Ponies toy do? We were sent “Sugar” to unbox and review by Spin Master. There were only one of our Hoopsters that were up for […]

  • Is School of Rock the Musical suitable for kids

    Is the School of Rock Musical London Kid Friendly?

    The School of Rock Musical London wasn’t on our todo list. We’d planned on fun outdoor sightseeing. After our riverboat cruise in the rain, walk through Canary Wharf in the rain and Trip to the Museum through the rain, we created a new plan. What was meant to be fun sightseeing activities turned into how can […]

  • Zucchini Pasta Bar Newcastle

    Zucchini Pasta Bar Newcastle | Pasta Takeaway Near Me

    I’d wanted to visit Zucchini Pasta Bar a few times since it first opened a year ago, but I never found the opportunity. The Newcastle Pasta Bar is located on what I call the Magic Roundabout, previously Swan House Roundabout, but also known as 55 degrees north. You will have driven past it 100 times. Zucchini […]

  • Tech Deck fingerboards and Ramp

    Tech Deck is Back | Another toy from my youth returns!

    Long before the days of fidget spinners, squishies and slime, we had lots of other cool toys to play with. Many of them involved dexterity and practice. Tech Deck is part of that group. First of all, just a recap of what Tech Deck actually is… Finger-sized skateboards or fingerboards. Tech Deck fingerboards are 96mm […]

  • Jorvik Dig York

    Jorvik Dig, York

    As part of our day trip to York, we Visited the Jorvik Viking Centre, then followed on to the Jorvik Dig attraction. This all came under our PastPort ticket deal, which meant we could visit as many times as we wanted in a year with the ticket. The Jorvik Dig site is about 15 minutes walk […]

  • Chilli Padi Newcastle

    Chilli Padi Newcastle

    A Friday night in Newcastle without our kids is a rare treat. It’s not that often that Cat and I get to have a date night and tonight was it. Our venue of choice was Chilli Padi. We wanted to try out somewhere new, but relatively close to the Haymarket as we were going to […]

  • Jorvik Viking Centre York

    Jorvik Viking Centre, York | The Ride, Exhibition and Video

    As part of our Mother’s Day adventure, we headed down to York for the Day. It’s been a while since we were there last and even longer since we visited Jorvik. Our kids had never been there and knew nothing about what it was. In December 2015, the Jorvik Viking Centre was flooded by the floods […]

  • Into The Woods Tyne Theatre

    Into the Woods at Tyne Theatre and Opera House

    As I sat in my chair a tray of food in front of me, my headphones on, I started to watch the in-flight movie. We’d missed it in the pictures, but on the outbound flight to Florida “Into The Woods” was on. Perfect. Just as it started… “Daaaad? My headphones aren’t working”, “Daaaaad? My iPad won’t […]

  • The Hoopster Hamsters

    Setting up a Hamster Cage & Keeping Dwarf Hamsters

    When Christmas came we knew we wanted to surprise our girls with a special present. Abigail was Desperate for a pet (preferably a dog), Imogen Liked the idea of a pet, but wasn’t as set on it as Abigail. We also knew that whatever pet we were to adopt, it would end up being Catherine and […]

  • Casper Mattress Unboxing, Review and Discount Code

    Casper Mattress Review, Unboxing and Discount Code

    As part of our ongoing refurbishments, we eventually took on the Master Bedroom. We completely gutted it and decided to renew everything. One of the main items at the top of the list was a new Casper Mattress since we’d read a Casper mattress review. Our Previous pocket sprung one had lasted 7 years, with an […]