Alan Hooper

  • Gel-A-Peel Fuzzy Kit Review

    Gel A Peel Fuzzy Kit Review

    We’d seen these on display the last time we were in Toys R Us. Both Abigail and Imogen thought they looked fun and crafty. Then fast forward to the beginning of May when we were at a Blogging conference, where we met the PR company for Gel-A-Peel. We asked if it would be possible to review […]

  • Miller and Carter Gosforth Park

    Miller and Carter Fixed Price Lunch Special

    The Kids had been lucky enough to be taken to Blackpool for the weekend by Catherine’s Parents. Or as I see it… We’d been lucky enough that Catherine’s parents had taken the kids away to Blackpool. Childfree for a full weekend! What were we going to do? Simple, go out and have 2 meals out for […]

  • Whacky Shots World Warriors

    Whacky Shots World Warriors Review

    Since the Hoopsters channel has started to grow, we’ve been getting quite a few toys for review. Last week we received a Whacky Shots Battle Pack from Brainstorm. Whacky Shots World Warriors Battle Pack From the first inspection, Whacky Shots seems to be a simple catapulting style target game. In reality, there are multiple levels to […]

  • The Phantom of the Opera

    Remembering My First Time!

    It only seems like a couple of years ago, but when I work it out it was around 1987. I would have been 9 years old at the time. My parents had booked a coach trip with the Evening Chronicle to travel down to London and see The Phantom of the Opera. What seemed like […]

  • DFDS King Seaways on the Tyne

    The Best Non-Cruise on the Tyne

    Our experience of holidays on a ship is very limited. We’ve only done one, and that was in the Caribbean. We’d looked at heading over to Amsterdam with DFDs Seaways last year but never got around to organising it. Then when it came to booking the mini-break to Amsterdam this year we booked flights instead of […]

  • Caving Adventure at Center Parcs Whinfell Forest

    Caving Adventure at Center Parcs Whinfell Forest

    Every four years I like to visit Center Parcs Whinfell Forest with friends. OK, I’ll reword that… My first visit to Center Parcs Whinfell Forest was four years ago and my second visit was last weekend. Out of all the activities and experiences to do there I really wanted to try the caving experience. However, none […]

  • Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

    Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader | Kinetic Rock Playset Review

    Where have I been living for the past few years? I mean we’ve had slime and squished it. Then squashed it into the carpet and ruined any amount of clothes. Kinetic Rock is a miracle product that I wish we’d found much earlier. Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader We were given the Kinetic Rock 3 […]

  • UK Blog Awards 2018

    The UK Blog Awards 2018 | Parenting and Baby Finalists

    The waiting was over. We’d received the notification on January the 1st that we were finalists in the UK Blog Awards 2018. Our category was Parenting and Baby. The nominees had been whittled down to 8 and we were in with a chance. So the only way to find out would be to travel down to […]

  • Northumbrian Piper Under New Management

    Northumbrian Piper under New Management

    We’d heard that the Northumbrian Piper had changed hands and were making changes. This was great news as we used to visit quite often, then it started to go downhill. It had got to a point that we used to visit mainly because of its handy location, not because of anything else. The food had […]

  • Zoomer Zupps Pretty Ponies Toy Review

    Zoomer Zupps Pretty Ponies Toy Review

      I’d seen these at our local supermarket recently and wondered what they were. Zoomer has a few different toys out over Christmas. So What did the Zoomer Zupps Pretty Ponies toy do? We were sent “Sugar” to unbox and review by Spin Master. There were only one of our Hoopsters that were up for […]