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  • The Twits Northern Stage


    The Twits – Northern Stage

    Not too long ago on Christmas Eve, we were at the Northern Stage watching an adaption of James & the Giant Peach.  Tonight we were here for another Roald Dahl classic ,The Twits.  Produced by the Curve and Rose Theatre Kingston, The Twits, is showing to sell-out audiences at Northern Stage from Tuesday 21st until Saturday 25th March.  So popular […]

  • 10 Not So Happy Ever Afters

    10 Not so Happy Ever Afters

    We are all led to believe that the Princesses in the Disney films have a happy ever after life. They meet their prince and usually get married and dreams can come true. Well what would happen if things didn’t turn out as expected. Photographer Dina Goldstein has created these amazing images that share a glimpse […]

  • Beauty & The Beast

    Beauty & the Beast 2017 Movie

    Beauty & the Beast opened in cinema’s this weekend and we had to go and see it. If I’m totally honest I wanted to book tickets for opening night. However Imogen was going to a birthday party Saturday morning to go and see it. So instead of trumping someones party, we delayed it till Sunday night. […]

  • Letterbox Lab


    Letterbox Lab Review

    We’d been looking for a monthly subscription box for a while. When I stumbled upon Letterbox Lab. A monthly science box delivered in the post that includes everything you need. I’m not sure if I ever disclosed this, but 2 years ago I really really wanted to set up a science channel on Youtube with […]

  • Marmite Easter Egg

    Marmite Easter Egg

    Have you seen the Marmite Easter Egg? Can you even believe that there is such a thing. I mean there are those that Love Marmite and those that Hate it. Yet I’ve never met anyone that was a Lover of Marmite, if it was mixed into an Easter Egg! Marmite Easter Egg I’ll take you […]

  • Naomi's Wild and Scary Show

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    Naomi’s Wild & Scary Show, Easter Monday 2017

    Do you have a budding Michaela Strachan or David Attenborough in your family?  Do your children love nothing more than getting up close with wildlife?  Then here’s a great idea to entertain them on Easter Monday.   Escape the chocolate egg mountain and rubbish repeated TV movies by heading to the theatre to learn some cool animal […]

  • The Bank of Dad


    The Bank of Dad

    Welcome to the Bank of Dad. We are a friendly bank that encourage young savers to deposit money and learn the values of saving. We do not judge you on your purchases and we offer you a free overdraft, with options to earn extra. The Bank of Dad Balancing the value of money between our […]

  • English Pancake Recipe

    English Pancake Recipe

    Pancake day was last week and you could say that I’ve timed this wrong. However I don’t feel that Pancakes should be limited to one day a year. In fact our kids have been asking for them for over a month now. Usually we cook the Ultimate American Pancakes, but this time around we chose […]

  • Beamish Wild School Holiday Camps


    Beamish Wild – School Holiday Camp

    Beamish Wild are expanding their offerings to include School Holiday Camps. Today was a sampler day that we had been invited to try out. I’ll admit that we’d never been to Beamish Wild before today, but had been to an event at Beamish Hall. Imogen has tried a few tree top adventure / high rope courses, […]

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