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  • Fruity Christmas Cake

    A very Fruity Christmas Cake – Part 1

    For the past 6 years I’ve been baking our own Christmas cakes. I chose a random recipe and it was so fruity I felt it was miles better than any shop bought effort. With the amount of fruit in it it isn’t cheap, but then again, Christmas isn’t cheap! Ingredients 1.5kg of mixed fruit (sultanas, […]

  • Disney on Ice - Frozen

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    Disney on Ice – Frozen

    We’ve been to several Disney on Ice productions over the years. I even decided to go and see a show with Catherine one year… before we even had kids! It’s no secret that the Hoopers are huge Disney fans, but at the same time, we are realistic. If we have a poor experience we wouldn’t […]

  • Sunday Morning Park Run


    Junior Park Run Exhibition Park

    There was to be no indulgent lie in or lazy morning watching z list celebrities making random cocktails on ‘Sunday Brunch’ for the Hoopers this week. The ‘up with the lark’ youngest members of the gang were bouncing around as usual, but myself and Alan were slightly regretting the decision when we finally stirred from slumber IN […]

  • Walt Disney Studios

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    Disneyland Paris Day 2

    I’m usually a bit funny the first night in a hotel and struggle to sleep.  The new layout, the noises, the different mattress and sheets all combine to create a sleepless night, but I had no problem last night. The fact I had been awake so early, trekked round the length of the Disney park […]

  • Longhorns Jesmond

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    Longhorns Jesmond

    Everyone I know… I mean EVERYONE, seems to have gone to Longhorns, yet it’s seemed to pass us by. I’ve driven past it several times and spied through the window in the Newcastle City Centre one a few times. The actual visit was inevitably going to happen, but when! Longhorn’s Jesmond It was the night […]

  • Disneyland Paris Castle

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    Disneyland Paris Day 1

    Today was the day we were heading to Disneyland Paris so Alan, along with our friends Stephen and Louise, could run the inaugural RunDisney Disneyland Paris Half marathon. I’m on official cheerleading duty!  I had originally planned to do the half marathon but wimped out a few months ago when training ground to a halt. […]

  • York's Chocolate Story

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    York’s Chocolate Story

    If you read my post from Fountain’s Abbey you will remember that the Saturday of the August bank holiday was a soggy one. When you’re in your warm and cozy home it’s not a big deal but in a tent with two active children you need to find a dry option. There was nothing for […]

  • Bistrot Chez Rémy


    Bistrot Chez Rémy at Walt Disney Studios

    One of Disneyland Paris’ newest restaurants is based in the Walt Disney Studios Park. The restaurant is based upon where the animation Ratatouille left off. Rémy has his own restaurant and it cooking for you… his ratty chums! Before I step into the restaurant itself I just want to congratulate the Disney Imagineers for their […]

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