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  • Summer Plans 2016

    Things we’re looking forward to in August 2018

    We’re already a couple of weeks through the school holidays and the kids have started to say the “B” word. Unless they can site watching Youtube for the remainder of the holidays. Abigail has started memorise the Netflix catalog, while Imogen is just watching people making slime, poking slime and then mixing lots of different slimes together. […]

  • Lay Z Spa Vegas

    Buying a Lay Z Spa has change our lives!!

    The title says it all and it’s a bit of a wild statement, but it is so true on many levels. Hot Tubs, Spas, and Jacuzzis. After a recent trip to see our friends in Great Yarmouth, our kids got to experience their Lay Z Spa. I’ll admit I was a “mick” taker and mocked his […]

  • Camp Marra

    Pirate Marra – Northumberland Scout Camp

    Lots of people would think I was crazy spending my bank holiday weekend in a field with nearly 3000 kids and not a pub garden in sight.  But on the last May bank holiday that’s exactly what I did.  The reason for this crazy holiday (or potential endurance test?) was that I was volunteering with […]

  • Hillcroft Camp Site Pooley Bridge

    Hillcroft Campsite – Pooley Bridge

    At the beginning of the year, we started to plan our annual camping trip with our friends the Lights and Walkers.  The previous year we had stayed at Park Foot campsite at Pooley Bridge which we enjoyed but wasn’t without a few minor hiccups.  Mainly involving our leaking tent and an incident with dog poo!  […]

  • Strato Hosting Down

    Our Website was Hacked!

    Technically this is a lie, but for the best way of describing it, it is the same. We were camping in the Lake District, having a fun long weekend for the School Half Term Holidays. Unknown to us our hosting company had detected some strange activities on our website hosting account. A set of files […]

  • Puppy Dog Pals Toys

    Puppy Dog Pals Toys

    Last Christmas we introduced two little tiny dwarf hamsters into our family. Two adorable little balls of fluff. We never really knew that over the following few months we’d find out that they have two different personalities. The Hoopster Hamsters (when no one is looking) are seriously training for something! We received a bundle of Puppy Dog Pals […]

  • Stikbot Farm Movie Set Review

    Stikbot Farm Movie Set Review

    We’d seen Stikbot in various forms in the shops and knew the concept of the product. For anyone who isn’t familiar with it, Stikbot is a posable figure for creating stop motion animation. It is possible to create stop motion with normal toys. Stikbot has the addition of suction cups to its hands and feet, […]

  • Gel-A-Peel Fuzzy Kit Review

    Gel A Peel Fuzzy Kit Review

    We’d seen these on display the last time we were in Toys R Us. Both Abigail and Imogen thought they looked fun and crafty. Then fast forward to the beginning of May when we were at a Blogging conference, where we met the PR company for Gel-A-Peel. We asked if it would be possible to review […]

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